The game is one of the most anticipated titles for the next gen console and the developers have confirmed that Minecraft PS4 will definitely make its way to the platform.

There are plenty of new things to look forward to with some exciting features which used to be only on the PC platform so far.

The developers are busy answering questions of ardent players on their Twitter account and recently they confirmed that the team is quite busy working on the title update 14. While the older generation console PS3 will receive it at an update, it will be found by default in the PS4 version of the game. Some of the new additions include an adventure mode that will allow players to explore other’s creations, desert temples, jungle temples and the ability to trade items with NPC villagers.

Desert Temples

The desert temples are pyramids which are usually referred to with a different name on Minecraft PS4. Similar to the original structures, these desert temples will have loots that can be uncovered. Before the player get access to these loots filled with armor, gems, gold, emeralds or other precious items, they will be required to successfully solve the puzzles on the way.
Each temple will have four different rooms specifically designed to hold loots inside but they will be guarded using booby traps. The traps will be set using tripwires and tripwire hooks which will be secretly hidden inside. They may be used to activate a crossbow with arrow or magic potions that will have an adverse effect on the player. If you manage to properly solve the puzzle and enter, the loots will definitely be reward and can even be used to trade items when interacting with a NPC villager.

Emeralds & Trading Interface

The new precious stone introduced in the game is readily available with most NPC villagers. Before they decide to part themselves from these precious stones, the villagers will require specific items in return. The trading interface will be available in Minecraft PS4 version on launch and there is no need to wait for a new update to come around. It will bring about many other features including adventure mode, carpets, carrot on a stick as well as emeralds. The screenshots of the trading interface were posted by 4J Studios a week earlier when they also gave players a glimpse into the creative interface and the iron anvil interface.

In the trading interface, the items available in the inventory will be listed and you will have to choose those to trade based on what the villager demands. Those who are ready to exchange items can readily be found in villagers with a glowing blue icon on top of their head. Just approach them and push the button to open the interface. A successful trade will ensure that you have the emeralds at the end of the conversation but these stones can also be found in loots or specific locations which are usually hard to find in the map.

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