A new range of food items will be part of the upcoming Minecraft Xbox One edition as the developers have confirmed it already.

There were multiple screenshots and images released by 4J studios on their twitter account that kept gamers always busy. They made the interfaces official just a week back and this opened to a great response from the entire gaming community. It is not only the ability to have new interfaces in the game but it was shown in a four-player split screen interface. While Xbox 360 already has these features, you can expect them to be ported over to the Xbox One version as well because with the raw processing and graphics power of the console, it shouldn’t be a difficult task for the platform to render them all at the same time. Another great addition is that players will have the freedom to access any interface of their choice even during split screen gaming which adds fun to the already extensive title. The team has confirmed one can expect better textures and larger maps to explore in the upcoming version.

Improved Textures

Textures will have an integral role to play in the Minecraft Xbox One version because they will render better images and allow players to identify items with ease. The smooth and sharper resolution of the console will let developers create items that are close to real life. The updated version of the game when it launches on the platform will have all the updates found on 1.3.1 update found on PC including new food items. The new items that are expected to be seen will include potatoes, baked potatoes, carrots, pumpkin pies, and carrot on a stick. Each one of them will have specific textures and colors in the new console for making the game world more engrossing. Players will be able to find the difference between a potato and a baked potato much easier because of the resolution bump that the game gets in the version. Other things to look forward to will include larger maps made possible by the increased capability of the platform.

Interface Updates

The development team is busy working on various iterations of the game. It has been confirmed that the TU14 update is indeed going fine. It is important because Xbox 360 will get it as an update while Minecraft Xbox One edition will have all the features in it by default. 4J studios consistently stay in touch with the gaming community providing new updates every time and releasing images on their twitter account. They recently revealed that there would be new texture packs available for the game besides creative interface, anvil, and a trading interface. Each one of the feature will have a role to play in the final version of the game because with trading, the emerald stones are being released as well. If a villager gets the items he needs from you, he will be happy to strike a trade so as to give those emeralds to you. More such updates await the upcoming title.

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