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Yahoo Messenger App – Why You Need to Download for Free?


For some people, Yahoo Messenger is old news.

Even though it was once the most popular tool of communication, a lot of people, especially the new generation today, don’t use this chatting app anymore even though it’s totally free to download. In its place now are several free messaging apps and free calling apps, and even though these newer apps are something to be considered because of their own features, Yahoo Messenger (YM) is an app that should not be neglected. The desktop version of Yahoo Messenger still works almost the same, although some important features were since removed by the company.

Need To Change Way of Registering

The mobile app for Yahoo Messenger, however, does not have all the features from the desktop version, but it’s still able to provide the same service such as instant messaging, and free audio and video calling. Some apps may have advantages over Yahoo Messenger, such as simpler registration. YM is still an app that requires your email address and a username upon signing up. In other messaging apps, you only need your mobile number when you download and that’s it. If Yahoo is able to change this, YM might still be one of the top apps in the App Store and Google Play Store. However, there are important and convenient features that Yahoo Messenger has over other apps.

Hide Your Status

Are there times in your life that you only want to chat with one person, but can’t do it because as soon as you open your favorite messaging app, your status will automatically change to “online” and anyone who has your number in their contact list will be able to start a conversation with you, whether you like it or not. And of course, you have no choice but to answer back because you don’t want to come up as rude. Well, in Yahoo Messenger, you can avoid awkward situations like this, because you’ll have the option to hide your status from your contact list. You can change your status to “invisible” if you don’t want others to know you’re online and only want to chat with selected people or “busy if you don’t want to be bothered by anyone else.

Privacy Is Important

It’s also very inconvenient to have to scroll through your contact list just to see if the person you want to talk to is online or not, especially if you’ve got hundreds of contacts. This is what happens when you use other apps instead of Yahoo Messenger. They don’t immediately show who’s online and who’s not. Yahoo Messenger, both desktop and mobile version, gives you the option to view only those who are online at the moment. Another advantage of YM over other apps is the privacy. If someone downloads other apps, they will automatically list you in their contacts, if they already have your number in their phone. This will work even though you don’t have their number saved in yours. As long as the person has your number in their contacts, they are free to send you a message. In Yahoo Messenger, you have the option of ignoring people who are not in your contact list.