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Angry Birds Free Download – Mini Buzz to Wildfire


If you have a smartphone, you are probably familiar with Rovio’s Angry Birds. But you must stop to wonder how a $.99 game could be turned into a billion dollar gaming company.

Surely, it is not a story of overnight success. In fact, it has been revealed that Angry Birds is the 52nd game from Rovio and prior to this, they had gone through eight years that nearly ended in bankruptcy, before they hit upon Angry Birds. So, let’s see what makes this game tick with so many millions of users.

Simple Gameplay

The game is very simple and can be picked up easily by everyone within the first few minutes. It does not require a high intelligence level, as the basic concept is quite simple. There is no need to offer any explanation or give directions and spell out any objectives of the game and so on. This is a great help, as there is no language barrier that prevents people from understanding the game, so everyone can play this game. As it is very simple, the challenges in the game are also simple. You can beat the game, if you put in the needed time and effort, so there is less frustration while playing the game.

Sense of Accomplishment

When you progress through the levels, it gives you a sense of accomplishment. The levels are short and too difficult to begin with. You can also improve your score and get a greater sense of achievement and this feature is very attractive to those perfectionists out there, who wish to get a better score than the previous one. There might be many levels where you might not have achieved the maximum of three stars. In this case, it is ample incentive to go back to those levels and achieve them. This increases the replay value by making gamers come back to previous levels.

No Time Limits

The game is not demanding on your time. It sets no time limits. You can play for a few minutes or you can play for more than an hour or during your lunch break. It is a game meant for the casual gamer, but there are goals and objectives to be achieved, which hardcore gamers might find irresistible. There is no need to make a huge commitment of your time for playing the game, so this fits in perfectly with the time constraints that many people face today.

Addictive Gameplay

The gameplay is quite addictive, with great visuals and graphics, good sound effects and music. They are both enjoyable and satisfying to the player. It affords a lot of excitement and satisfaction to see the pigs getting destroyed or watch the crumbling of stonewalls in front of your eyes. You will be thrilled that you could demolish an entire castle with pigs just by using one bird.

Word of Mouth Popularity

When somebody tells you how well he or shehas been doing in Angry Birds, you might have the urge to find out more about it. You just start playing the game out of a sense of curiosity. The game first created a small buzz around the players who first started playing it. This popularity led to a slow spreading and before you knew it, the small buzz spread like wildfire in social networking circles and everyone felt they had to know more about this free game.

Angry Birds has not got just one feature going for it. It has a whole lot of things just right to build up the necessary excitement that can lead to addiction among gamers of all ages and types. It releases endorphins when you beat a level that you have been in for a long time and this satisfaction translates into playing more and attempting to beat more and more higher levels.