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Download Google Chrome for Free to Enjoy Optimum Privacy


With more than 750 million users, Google Chrome has become the most preferred browser for users across the world.

It is one of the best products developed by Google and the feature and efficiency of the browsers is always enhanced by latest developments for the browser. If you are not using Google Chrome, you are certainly missing a good user experience. Continue reading to find out.

The Incognito Mode

If you seek privacy while surfing the Internet then Google Chrome has something to offer – the Incognito Mode. When you activate the Incognito mode the browser will automatically delete the information about the sites you visited, cookies and all information related to surfing the Internet after you close the browser session. This feature can be helpful when using shared computer.


Google presents users with several extensions to increase functionality of the browser. Some of the useful extensions are IE Tab (which emulates Internet explorer browser), Gmail Checker (checks you Gmail periodically for new mail) sharing your links with friends, emoticons for Facebook and many more.


Google Chrome users have access to large library of Apps in form of Chrome store. You can find apps listed as per category. Some useful apps that can prove useful are Evernote, Dropbox, Skydrive, and many more. When you install these apps in your chrome browser, a user interface is integrated in your chrome browser which lets you access functionality of the app from your Chrome browser.

Enhanced User Experience

Chrome is available for diverse platforms that include Windows OS, Android, iPhone, iPad and many more platforms. By signing into Google chrome, you can save bookmarks, settings and other browser related things and access everything on other device. This is a great future as your bookmarks, apps, extensions and other important things are always available to you.

Simple User Interface

Google Chrome user interface is extremely simple and you can customize it as per your requirements. For example, you can drag open tabs and arrange them as per your convenience. Chrome also allows you to pin tabs so you don’t close them accidentally.


The primary use of every browser is searching for information. The address bar in the Chrome browser can be used as a search bar. All you need to do is type in the search terms in address bar and Google Chrome will search for information using the preferred search engine selected by you.

Clean Menus

The menus in Google chrome are well arranged and you can easily find bookmarks, settings, tools and other important options.

Task Manager

Google Chrome handles tabs in an intelligent way. In other browsers, if any one tab becomes irresponsive, you need to close the browser and restart the browser again. Chrome has a Task Manager which list every tab as separate process and gives you option to close non-responsive threads only.

Tab with Sound

Chrome users can easily recognize which tab is playing sound. This feature is useful as many WebPages start playing Flash ads automatically and thus checking all tabs can be frustrating and time-consuming task.
If you compare other browsers with Chrome, you can see it is more stable and gives you better user experience.