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Free Download Subway Surfers – A Sequel to Temple Run


Subway Surfers is one of the top grossers among free apps.

It is a game that hooks you right from the first tap. It’s interesting and engrossing and also challenging. The graphics are great, with a surprising game play. Many players, who have already played Temple Run, might feel that Subway Surfers is rather like a sequel to it. The controls, boost and powerups in both the games are almost similar and the goal is also the same.

The Difference

However, there is some difference between the two games. The backdrop story is different. In Temple Run, there are a bunch of devil monkeys chasing the main character or the player, whereas in Subway Surfers, a train conductor has replaced them. The main character running now is a kid, a graffiti artist named Jake, who was vandalizing a train and is caught by the train conductor and his dog. While he escapes, he runs from one track to another and avoids trains and other obstacles. He has to collect coins before getting caught and unlock achievements. In a somewhat similar manner as the Temple Run, in both the games, the player has to collect coins and buy different powerups or upgrades.

Unique Elements

Now, in order to get the comparison done once and for all, you can say that Subway Surfers is another free game that plays somewhat like Temple Run. Both the games involve an endless runner. Another way to describe it would be that Subway Surfers is a mix up of Temple Run and Jetpack Joyride, with the skin of a graffiti artist. Though it is a combination of games, it brings its own unique and surprising elements to the game.

The Social Aspect

Subway Surfers is a game of personal enjoyment, but it also involves an element of social competition. Kiloo brought the game for implementing on the social networking scenario. In this way you can talk to your friends about your new score and you can chat about it on Twitter or Facebook or at the Game Center and so on. Competing and boasting with friends adds an element of fun to the game.

Fresh Gameplay

Though the game is similar to Temple Run, it adds its own fresh features with randomized tracks and new boosts and unlocks. The mission system is another aspect that increases its replay value. Similar to Jetpack Joyride, there are three missions that you have to accomplish at a time and when you complete these, you can get an award. In addition, you have a daily challenge of collecting all the letters in a particular word, which appear in random order on the tracks. Collecting these will earn you a free mystery box. The social competition is one reason keeping the players coming back for more and more of the game play, and these missions are another major reason why players are so hooked to the game.

Addictive Features

The game is also loaded with different personalities. You can unlock four different characters; each of them is distinctly unique. The player considers it worthwhile to put in some time in the game and try to unlock the levels.
The concept of an endless runner is very simple, but it has always been among the popular games for mobile devices. Endless running is in itself a very addictive feature that has always been successful in several games. Add to this social competition and easy game play along with simple controls, lots of ‘unlockables’ and boosters and an exciting game play, and you surely have a winner on your hands. Subway Surfers is a combination of some of the best elements of Jetpack Joyride and Temple Run.