The Korean giant Samsung in order to retain as well increase its lion’s share of android smart phone market launched Samsung Galaxy S4 earlier this year.

If you already an Android fan, high chances are that, you hold a Samsung product in your hand. For those who own to Samsung Galaxy S3, the decision to upgrade to the latest upgraded model with a sleeker body and power packed performance may seem like a no-brainer. Before you squeeze your pockets to go for this tempting upgrade, run through some thoughts shared below.

Why Upgrade to Samsung Galaxy S4?

As a slimmer and more curvaceous version of Samsung Galaxy S3, this phone packs in a more powerful performance in its compact fashionable body. Though the difference in looks is not very discernable, Samsung Galaxy S4 offers its users a more powerful performance for their bucks. An updated version of a popular phone usually comes up with a better screen resolution. Samsung Galaxy S4 is no different. It offers its users around 125% more pixels than its predecessor.

For those who love watching videos on the phone, this provides a more crisp and sharp image quality. The faster downloading speed offered by the phone also poses an advantage to those who love streaming videos from the internet. You can enjoy a smoother experience with Samsung Galaxy S4 as it has a faster CPU with a 1.6 GHz processor in comparison to 1.5 GHz processor of Samsung Galaxy S3.

With a 2 GB RAM the phone you can run multiple applications at a faster speed than on Samsung Galaxy S3 that only offers 1 GB RAM to its users. The good news for camera lovers is that Samsung Galaxy S4 offers a camera with a better resolution and a higher sensor quality than its previous avatar.

Why Stick to Samsung Galaxy S3?

You no longer need to depend on your internet connection to provide with you your daily news of music, news and entertainment as Samsung Galaxy S3 comes support FM Radio. Strangely, the last version of Samsung Galaxy does not support FM Radio. Another advantage that Samsung Galaxy S3 offers over Samsung Galaxy S4 is its longer standby battery time as well as talk battery time. The difference in battery time is not marginal but is substantially large to make you hold on tighter to your older Samsung Galaxy phone. For those who use their phones for heavy media files and do not like to charge their phones too often, battery life is often a crucial moot point.

The Final Word

Though devoid of some features offered by the older version, Samsung Galaxy S4 is definitely a phone you can upgrade to without batting an eyelid. Samsung yet again proves that it is here to stay and keep doling out better products to feed into its ever-increasing Android smart phone market.

Without making too many changes in its previously successful phone, the company has once again managed to repeat its success formula! Be a part of this success story and pick up your new handset soon!

Technology Samsung Galaxy S4 vs Samsung Galaxy S3 – Price and Specs Comparison