The Apple vs Samsung war zone has been heating up off late.

The Korean giant is slowly but surely sneaking into the once reigning smart phone king’s territory. The battle between the two giants involves numerous patent litigations as well as keeping pace with one another and trying to bring forth competitive offerings in the market. This has made the customer a king once again.

With such stiff competition between the two leaders of the smart phone and tablets industry, it is interesting to weigh in various comparable products. Here is a comparison of two hot selling products Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 VS iPad Air, from the chambers of these titans that can help you make a smart choice today.

The Vital Statistics

Apple has always launched slimmer devices than Samsung. In the weight watcher’s war, Apple gets fatter slice. The difference in looks is not as discernable as the feel when you hold the devices in your hands. Just as the name suggest Apple’s iPad Air is light and magical. While the iPad Air looks gorgeous and meticulous, Tab 2 looks dodgy and cumbersome in comparison with its heavy plastic body mass.

Battery Life

What do you do with your tablet if its battery does not last long enough for you to enjoy all its features? The Tab 2 with its 4000-mAh lithium-ion battery offers a talk time of up to 40 hours in case of 2G and 20 hours for of 3G. The battery life of iPad Air is known to be 10 hours when playing multimedia or using Wi-Fi Internet and 9 hours in case of Web surfing using mobile Internet access.

iOS versus Android

The war between the two operating systems is a perennial point of contention. Since Android is a partly open source, it offers much more variety, customization and flexibility to the users over Apple’s iOS which is more user friendly but closed source and straight jacketed unless it is jailbroken. Tab 2 being an older launch from Samsung’s stables has an older Android OS called Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean. On the other hand, iPad Air has the latest iOS running it.

The Visuals

Spending some hands on time with the two tablets can help you make a more intelligent comparison. In the 9.7-inch iPad Air the 2048×1536 resolution screen boasts of an admirable 264ppi image quality. Whereas Tab 2 sits ugly with 1280×800 pixels resolution screen with average pixel density of 149 ppi. Regardless of the number wars, you need to see it to experience it. You will find the image quality in iPad air much crisper than that in Tab 2.

Say Cheese

The camera in tablets is primarily used for Skype sessions. Hence, the front camera is of primary importance here. The 5 mega pixel camera in iPad air surpasses the 3 mega pixel camera of Tab 2 not just in terms of the pixels, but also in terms of many features like , Touch to focus ,High Dynamic Range mode (HDR) ,Back-illuminated sensor (BSI), Digital image stabilization, Face detection, Autofocus and Digital zoom that iPad Air offers.

Many users say that though Apple was great in the past, Samsung is the future of mobile technology. However, with this comparison in sight it seems that Apple’s slim product line can weigh out Samsung’s winning spree.

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