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Temple Run 2 Free Download – Top Facts You Need to Know


Temple Run, the original, is a free game to be played on mobile smartphones.

It is an endless running game with violent jungle monkeys thrown in, with a lot of coin collecting. Imangi Studios know that it is never wise to rest one one’s laurels and have come up with a sequel to the original Temple Run, with the Temple Run 2, which is the latest version of this smash hit game. The game had been in the development stages from March 2012, with upgrading of visuals and a tightening of the game mechanics. It was announced in January 2013 and was available for download on the iOS App Store initially. Here are some more interesting facts you might like to know about the game.

A Sequel

Temple Run 2 is the sequel to the original released in August 2011 for the iOS and March 2012 for the Android. Temple Run 2 was released in January 2013 for the iOS and the Android. There is also a Windows Phone version of the game now available. An amazing fact is that during the launch of Temple Run 2, there were more than 20 million downloads from the iOS store.

Developed by 5 People

Keith Shepard, the co founder of the Imangi Studios, stated that during the creation of the original Temple Run, he, his wife and KirilTchangov, the artist, were rather conservative in the development. They did not put in a lot of bells and whistles into the game. The game was simple and easy to grasp. In case of the sequel, this team expanded to five. An iOS specific engine was customized and built for the first version of the game and when it came to Android, they used the Unite engine.

Floating in the Clouds

The game now involves a temple that floats in the clouds. The location is more open as you can now view the sky. This also adds scope for more aerial gameplay and traversing the gaps with zip lines. Mine carts are a new addition in this version and the player can control the movements with swipe gestures, just as the usual running movements.

Controlling the Endless Runner

In this genre of games, the player has to control a character that is constantly moving forward. You can swipe if you wish to change directions or if you wish to jump and avoid obstacles. In addition, Temple Run 2 also enables players to get powerups and upgrades and ride in the mine carts.

Range of Characters

The game offers four types of characters who can be used while playing, provided you have the coins for unlocking them. You have Guy Dangerous, who appears right from the beginning. With 5,000 coins, you can unlock Scarlett Fox and with 15,000 coins Barry Bones. Finally, 25,000 coins, you can access Karma Lee.

Three Basic Rules

The first is to multiply in order to conquer the game. The best way to get a big score is to use the score multiplier, by completing various objectives. These objectives increase the multiplier by one, so they can lead to a high score.

The second aspect is to get more and more coins for upgrading characters and the gameplay. You can upgrade the values under abilities. This will result in making double coins and triple coins start appearing on the track. Use the magnet as a powerup so that the coins come near you when you run. The Coin Value also adds color to the game.

The third aspect is to run as far as possible, even if it means sacrificing coins in favor of bonus items or temporary special powers. For instance, the Boost can help you move faster and the shield power can help you overcome obstacles.