Everything is fascinating when it comes to Fallout 4 because the game is long due and fans are eager for an announcement to be made.

The developers are tight lipped about a potential release date but the news surrounding the title is never short of hype. There are so many relevant information that confirms a sequel is indeed in the works and can be made official anytime, surprising fan community to the core. First it was the trademark and website domain name registrations that they undertook which took the news by storm. It was then evident that the team is looking forward to come up with a new release anytime in the future and the Fallout franchise is indeed still very much alive. The game is still not so open to mods like Skyrim even though the developers are all the same is surprising but they didn’t rule out such support for the PC version of the game. For consoles, it’s usually a different story because of the closed nature of the platforms that can be changed only if the manufacturers decide to change the rules.

Mod Support

The scenario is entirely different for Fallout 4 PC version because the developing team admitted openly that they are excited seeing such an active community like never before. They shared that Skyrim surpassed all sales on the platform and continues to be one of the most favorite games of all time in computers than consoles. Another important thing is that because of the excellent modding done by different gamers and programmers, players always had something new to look forward to in the game. They were playing as different characters and some of the ideas were really professional that Bethesda studios wondered why they shouldn’t make a DLC out of it. The level of creative finesse and overall quality achieved by the mods were very impressive which is why they are sure about the PC version of the gaming gaining momentum for sure. The game director didn’t reveal an exact release date but confirmed that PC gaming is booming at a rapid pace.

Set In Boston

Revealing his intent that the company is indeed working on something relevant to the game, Fallout 4, even with the entire fan following, is yet to be finalized. The team requires some time before they can come up with something creative and deliver the best possible game for the community. The developers are busy working on other projects and want to make sure they have a credible idea before it is announced to the public. The director revealed that he’s excited for the game as much as the players themselves and with the mods that made Skyrim so good, they can’t rule out players from creating such mods for this game even with complex coding. The enthusiasts want a more intuitive modding scenario where creativity takes the forefront which is possible only if Bethesda lets them do it. The director confirmed that the team has some random ideas which has to be shaped into something credible and will be announced on an appropriate date.

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