Free Calling Apps has made our life easier.

VoIP technology has freed us from being dependant on our telecom service provider. Today, you can call a person within and beyond national boundaries for free. While there are many free calling apps available for Smartphone’s, some apps have limitations where you can only call a person if he has the same app installed on his/her device. However, you also have apps which offer you ability to call any landline, mobile number or international number. Here are few apps that are worth trying.


It is one of the best free calling app. It works on diverse platforms such as Windows OS, Android Smartphone’s and tablets, iPhone’s and iPad’s. With Skype installed on your device, you can call any Skype user for free. If you want to call a landline, mobile phone or international number, you can do it by purchasing Skype call credits. Besides low cost calling, the application also offers free video calling and diverse messaging options.


Rebtel app allows you to make free calls to other Rebtel users. If the person whom you want to call is not a Rebtel user, you can still make a call from you Rebtel app to mobile phone or landline. Rebtel user can opt for Pay-as-you-go plan where the user can limit calling expenses to smaller amounts such as $10. The app works on diverse platforms such as Android, Windows phone, iPad and iPhone.

Kakao Talk

With more than 100 million users, Kakao Talk is slowly becoming popular free calling app for Smartphone users. Besides free calling to other Kakao users, it also offers text messaging options. The app allows you to have group conversations with maximum five people at a time. Kakao talk application is also available for desktop.


It is a new calling application that allows user to send free text messages and initiate voice call to other Line users. With Line application there is no limit to the number of messages or calls you can make. Developers of Line application has recently introduced video calling. The application is available for Android, iPhone, BlackBerry, Nokia, Firefox, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Mac OSX. The application is slowly getting popular and has around 320 million users worldwide.


Viber is a free calling application for Smartphone users. Besides voice calls, users can also send text messages and share pictures with other Viber user. Viber app is also available for desktop. You are not required to register to use Viber. Your phone contacts are automatically integrated in the application contacts list.


It is a free calling application which works on diverse platforms. The application has some unique features such as sharing images with Facebook contacts, and sending voice mail. The application offers some visual enhancements like avatars and emoticons to breathe life into your text conversations.

These are only few free callings apps known to Smartphone users. Free calling application has given us freedom to use one device for all communication needs- Smartphone. With one of the above mentioned free calling app installed in your Smartphone, you will never feel the need to use landline or access you desktop to call someone.

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