Every gamer who loves the title is gearing up for a release date for Minecraft PS3 version but the development team 4J Studios officially confirmed that they still need time before the official announcement can be made.

While it is official that the upcoming title update 14 is an equivalent of the 1.3.1 released on PC, the team says that there may or may not be new additions found on the console version. They are still finalizing the features that will make it to the certification process from Sony and only after making the official submission, they will make the news public to ardent fans who have been waiting so long. Even though, the developers claim that they haven’t finalized all the stuff that didn’t stop them from releasing multiple screenshots periodically. The Twitter account was their most preferred platform where players got to see the upcoming new interfaces, images of texture packs and some screenshots that showed the upcoming PS4 next get console version as well.

Developer Talks

Just two weeks ago, 4J Studios responded to a gamer query on TU14 and confirmed that it is indeed going fine. Within a week’s gap, fans became restless over the announcement and wondered if the update is actually under progress. The Minecraft PS3 gaming community has been waiting a long time for this new update which will not only introduce new features to the game but will also have an entirely new mode. The adventure mode will be added alongside with classic and survival modes. As the name suggests, it is more of a scripted event designed by other players where you will have the chance to explore stories and live in the maps that showcase their creative side. Players will not be able to destroy blocks and walls with bare hands as they used to in this mode. Making modifications to walls and other structures is possible only when the right tools are in possession.

Certificate Testing

The Studio will not only bring in a mode for Minecraft PS3 edition but will have unique food items and even a pig race event that can be organized. Carrot on a stick is the new addition using which players will be able to travel on pigs to cover long distances and even organize a race against others in the same maps. The events can be organized in split screen multiplayer maps as well and the freedom of choice to be able to explore different aspects of the map will be available for all players. The team gave a glimpse into the upcoming interfaces with the screenshots released on Twitter last week which showed the anvil interface, creative interface as well as the trading interface. Each one of them will have a specific purpose like the trading interface is to allow players to be able to trade items they have in their inventory to get emeralds, which is part of the feature updates. Those NPC villagers available for trade will be highlighted using a glowing blue icon on top of their heads.

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