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Yahoo Messenger – Here’s A Good Free Alternative Download if WhatsApp becomes a Paid Application


WhatsApp is no doubt the preferred text messaging application on Smartphone.

With more than 200 active million users, the application has certainly found a place in heart of Smartphone users. After Facebook purchasing WhatsApp Smartphone users are wary about the changes WhatsApp will go through and whether it will still remain appealing to millions of users. If you are one of thosewhothinkit’s better to change to a different texting application, you need to take a look at Yahoo Messenger. Let’s compare different aspects of Yahoo Messenger and WhatsApp and find out how they stack against each other.

Add Contacts

In WhatsApp the phone number is the unique identification and username for the application. While installing WhatsApp, the application automatically scans your phonebook and addscontacts.Anyone who is using WhatsApp automatically appears on the list. Alternatively you can also add contacts manually in WhatsApp. In YahooMessenger, you need to add contacts username manually before you can communicate with them.The username is generally the Yahoo mail id of the contact.

No Ads

WhatsApp has always followed a no ads policy and had assured users of ad free application. YahooMessenger has also joined the bandwagon of No Ads and YM usersalso do not have to go through experience of distracting ads.

Voiceand Video Calls

WhatsApp is a text messaging application specifically developed for Smartphone. Yahoo Messenger user has the option to make free calls toother YM users. In some countries, YM users can sendfree text messages tomobile of other person. YM also permits the user to make calls to landlines and cellular phones. It is a premium service for which they have to purchasecall minutes or agree to pay the charges per minutes for the calls made through YM. The call charges for international numbers are extremely low; approx 1 cent per minute.

Pictures and Videos

Though WhatsApp is a text messaging application it does allow it users to send images and videos. Yahoo Messenger also allows its users to share pictures and videos with other YM users in real time.

Forwarding Calls

WhatsApp does not have features where a person can call you on your mobile if you are offline in WhatsApp. YM users can get themselves aYahoophone number. YM users can leave a voice mail messageon this number. You have the option of forwardingthe calls received on your Yahoo phone number to another number.This can be useful feature to contact a person urgently if he appears offline.

User Interface

WhatsApp has one of the best user interface specifically suited for text communication. Your frequent contacts are always in front of your eyesand you can see the entire conversation by just tappingonthe contact name. Yahoo Messenger was initially developed for PC user and using different features through a small interface is a difficult thing which may not appeal to Smartphone users.

There is no doubt WhatsApp is a better option for text messaging on Smartphone but with Facebook taking over there are doubts whether it will remain free. In such circumstances, trying a new app can be a good thing. Besides, Yahoo Messenger is free app and it offers much more than free text messaging.