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Android Apps on PC – Why it’s Inconvenient to Download Even for Free


It may sound like a good idea, but you should be aware that it’s not always the best idea to run Android Apps on PC.

Even if you have friends who swore that it works well for them, it does not guarantee that it will also work the same for you. It could just be that your friends are among the few who were lucky enough to download different Android apps on their PC. While it’s tempting to try, it’s still better to just invest in an Android device than to risk running Android apps on your computers. The software which you will need to run Android Apps on PC may contain virus and may damage your computer. It has happened before and it may happen again in future. Don’t be the next victim. Be smart and just stick to running the apps on where they belong –Android devices.

Scenarios That Make Android Apps on PC Convenient

Having Android apps on your desktop can be quite convenient, especially if you use your computer more than your mobile phone and if you’re in the office and want to play your favorite Android game without the risk of anyone seeing you play on your smartphone. If you were able to download the software that lets you download Android apps on your computer, you will now be able to chat with your friends while doing some work or even while watching a movie from your laptop. If there’s an Android app or game that you want to try before downloading it to your phone or tablet, downloading it first on your computer is a good idea. This way, you’ll be able to tell if you will enjoy the app or not, and you’ll be able to save space on your device if you try the app on your computer first.

Why It’s Not Convenient to Download Android Apps on PC

If the virus has not convinced you not to do it, the experience between running Android apps on your computer and running the apps on a supported device is two different things. The graphics have good quality on your desktop, but the quality is best on a supported device. Android games are created for android or even iOS devices, which are mostly touchscreens devices. The fun of having to tap, swipe, or tilt your device is what makes Android apps better on smartphones and tablets, unless you’re using a touchscreened-laptop.

Supported Devices

Smartphones and tablets are the two devices that will give you the whole experience of using Android apps and games. They’re also less bulky than laptops and computers. When you’re out traveling, it’s not inconvenient to use these devices because they’re smaller and can be carried around in your pocket. Besides, how many commuters do you see on the bus, in the subway, or aboard the train using their laptops to play Android games to pass the time? That’s right; you don’t always see someone using their laptops just to play games. This is what smartphones and tablets are for – convenience.