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Free Antivirus – Which Is the Best Antivirus Software Available for Download?


With so many products available in the market today, finalizing the right security solution is not an easy task.

There are plenty of free antivirus software tools that provide protection against virus, malware and Trojans. Each one of the product is specifically designed to meet specific user needs and has some pros and cons that you should consider. They use different technologies and some have exclusive features which may not be found in all other products. A good OS protection tool should be light on system resources, capable of defending malware and easy to use for users of every skill level.


AVG free antivirus is one of the popular software programs available online. Some of the advantages of using this product includes lightweight, easy installer package and requires minimal setup before scanning. The antivirus is available for free download online and is preferred by a large group of users mainly because of its lightweight design. The program doesn’t slow down your PC like some other software do and features one-touch settings to perform a full scan. It doesn’t provide too many notifications that make it a hassle free tool but it’s not the best choice for power users who prefer in-depth configuration options.


Norton is another reputed brand which offers free antivirus solution for its users. The software program has some exclusive features such as scanning virus based on cloud based listing and powerful filtering capacities. These are advantages for users who rely on the internet a lot and want foolproof protection for their data. The software offers detailed configuration options in the free version itself which makes it a good fit for power users. Owing to its complex operations, the antivirus consumes majority of system resources which makes it usable mostly on powerful machines as low powered computers will tend to slow down when Norton is in operation.


Comodo is another brand which offers protection with its free antivirus tool and is used by a select group of people. The product is easy to use and requires minimal setup. It has automatic scanning system and uses cloud based listing system that identifies newly found viruses instantly. The product has an integrated game mode as well to allow gamers to play their favorite titles without interruption. The software is good at detecting Trojans, malware and viruses. It is reliable and is useful when it comes to safeguarding data against online threats.


Avast free antivirus features a completely revised user interface which is easy to navigate through and is now capable of identifying malicious websites as well. The software will warn users when they tend to visit an infected website. It gets it data from cloud based servers and will instantly notify you to avoid opening the page, to stop malware infections that may occur. The product is lightweight and the new edition is much quicker to respond which is good news for users. With plenty of choices available online, users can choose the best free antivirus that ideally suits their usage scenario and security needs.