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Free Download of Google Talk Vs Yahoo Messenger – Basics Vs Bells and Whistles


In today’s scenario with millions of people indulging in online chatting, both Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger are free downloads that offer the best features and user interface for chatting and for instant messaging services.


Google Talk is an IM service available for Windows and for Android Apps as well as BlackBerry, Google Chrome operating system, the Web OS and Linus. Yahoo Messenger enjoys compatibility with Windows and Android Apps as well as Linus. In addition, it enjoys compatibility with Symbian, the Mac OSX, the iOS and the Unix as well as the free BSD.

Google Talk – Simple and Basic Interface

Google Talk offers a simple interface, with very few options that distract the user. However, some users find that the number of features available on the menu is too less. Google Talk is more functional and there is not much fizz surrounding the basic messaging service. There are no emoticons or winks that can be used by the fun user. The set up is just about 1.45 MB.

The instant messaging service is within Gmail itself, so that users need not download the software separately. The IM functionality is placed along with the other email features and the logs can be retrieved through Gmail. It is a free VoIP that can be downloaded or used within Gmail itself. Voice mail is an additional feature of Google Talk, which is a very useful one. The app is compatible with smartphones as well and comes as a preloaded app in Android phones as well as Symbian phones. It is also preloaded in the BlackBerry and the Nokia N900.

Yahoo Messenger – Frills and Graphics

The Yahoo Messenger is a free chatting service that you can use for chatting with others having the Microsoft Messenger service. You can also use it for chatting with those who have Hotmail chat service or the Lotus Sametime. It has a very attractive interface, which many tech savvy users find to be great fun. It also offers high-end graphics and some other frills apart from basic chatting. Users can personalize the service with customizable fonts and plugins and use these for playing games. Users can also share content while chatting and use different ringtones and sound effects. There are many emoticons and avatars as various colors. However, it occupies more than 15 MB when you install it on your device. The best features it offers are the photo sharing capability as well as the video sharing ones. You can also share files up to 2 MB.

Yahoo Messenger is a free service that also offers a free voice mail service. You can make calls from PC to PC or from your computer to phones, offering a VoIP service.

Video Conferencing

This is another attractive feature of Yahoo Messenger. If you need video conferencing, you can install this IM service. It is also supported on various devices and other platforms and offers great mobility as well. You don’t even need to download the software on the mobile device, as you just have to type out the messenger address to use the IM services.

The Verdict

Thus, we see that there are certain variations in the features and the functionalities of Google Talk and Yahoo Messenger, but both of them are extremely popular with users. They are able to connect millions of chatters throughout the world with online chatting services. If you want to keep your chatting basic, without much clutter, but rather professional and simple, GTalk is the perfect IM for you, being preferred by most professionals. Professionals mostly prefer it. The browser based feature for chatting is the major advantage enjoyed by GTalk, as you can chat on the sidebar merely by logging into your Gmail account. However, if you are looking for some extra fizz and bells and whistles, Yahoo Messenger easily scores over GTalk.