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Minecraft Xbox 360 TU14 Update – Three Amazing Things to Watch Out


A whole bunch of new things are there to look forward to when TU14 for Minecraft Xbox 360 gets officially launched. 

There were simply too many questions with regards to the features and the release date for this update that, 4J Studios told everyone that it will be weeks before they can see a final announcement. The team confirmed that unlike computers, consoles have restrictions from the manufacturer and only after these updates pass certificate testing, they will be able to make the details official.

Sharing their stand on Twitter, the team confirmed that they are busy working to bring out the title update and are looking forward to bring all anticipated features to it. Some of them have already been confirmed with the screenshots released by the team and it is known that it is an equivalent of the 1.3.1 released for PC. There will be new food items including potatoes, pumpkin pies and even baked potatoes. Players should use a fuel to create a flame which will change the full grown potatoes into baked potatoes.

Rename Items with Anvil

Anvil is definitely an interesting addition to look forward to with Minecraft Xbox 360 edition because it will allow players to rename items and combine enchantments. The enchantment book will now come in handy using which you will be able to create magic potions and even use them as a weapon, with tripwire hooks and tripwires. The latest update for the game introduces these traps as well which can be used to stop trespassing and protect your building structures. The interface screenshots were revealed a week ago when 4J Studios released other interfaces as well along with the anvil interface. Other exciting features that accompanied the release were the ability to dye armor and change the color of the wolf. While these are just color changes, the ability will make the game fit for customization and allow players to express themselves in colors of their choice.

Carpets for Adorning

The developers will bring out a wide range of decoration items with the TU14 for Minecraft Xbox 360. It includes the introduction of carpets and flower pots for the first time. These items are already available for computers with the update released and they were confirmed when 4J Studios released screenshots showing carpets adorning the floor. The item is useful when it comes to hiding the stones and blocks used to construct floors. They are handy when hiding trap doors or tripwires beneath floors.

Any unsuspecting victim will walk on it which will activate the tripwire hooks that will trigger a series of actions. It can be used to shoot a volley of arrows, pour potions or kill the entity. Flower pots can be used to keep shrubs, flowers or other plant related stuff inside a building. If the bottom slab of these pots is removed, any plant kept inside will fall off and in some cases, it can even be used as a trap. Carrot on a stick is another feature that will let players tie carrots to lure pigs in a chosen direction.