With a view to make the next gen gaming highly impressive and more beautiful in terms of looks, 4J studios are busy shaping up the Minecraft Xbox One edition to woo gamers.

They are busy working on multiple versions of the game for different platforms that is indeed a great feat. Speaking to enthusiastic gamers on their Twitter account just days ago, the team clarified that they are getting colossal number of queries every day about the next generation version of the game as well as the most expected title update 14. There are some new things to look forward to including some items that can be used for decorating the buildings players build. The game will introduce carpets, flowerpots, and even paintings that are exciting new for those who love to make their place look beautiful. These items will be released as an update for the earlier version of the console while the next gen will get it by default when the game releases. The team confirmed there are weeks before they can finalize the patch update.

Grow With Flower Pots

Flowerpots are simple pots that are available in variable sizes and provide players the option to alter them as required. If they remove the base layer of the object, any shrub, flower or small plant placed on it will fall down. Players are supposed to place them in the right areas. Another important practical use of flowerpots is that they can even be used in adventure mode to build scripted adventures. You can keep it to create a beautiful pathway and stop players from moving out of the scripted sequences. They will most probably not have the tools required to break the pots that ensures that the map remains the same, as intended by the original creator. The adventure mode that allows this feature will be introduced by 4J studios when they bring Minecraft Xbox One version out. They haven’t specified an exact release date but teased players by releasing some exciting screenshots of the upcoming game.

Beautify With Carpets

While carpets are handy to cover floors and the base layer of the ground floor when you keep building larger structures, they are an important addition to Minecraft Xbox One in other ways. Players can create some exceptional booby traps similar to those found in desert temples and hide them using a carpet. The feature update that will be available for the next gen console by default will introduce trip wires and tripwire hooks as well. They cannot be disabled unless other players find the source. It can be used to shoot or throw potions on unsuspecting victims. The new addition will allow players to create traps even in their homes that will kill harmful entities as well as other players who try to enter their realm. The game will bring about the anvil interface using which you can combine spells found in the enchantment book and trade with villagers to get emerald stones in return. On the whole, an exciting journey waits.

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