Specs Comparison

The Nokia Lumia 520 runs on Windows Phone 8, whereas the Nexus 4 funs on Android 4.4.2; 4.4; 4.3; 4.2.2; 4.2.1 and 4.2.

The Nokia Lumia 520 is lighter at 124 g whereas the Nexus 4 is 137 g. The Nexus 4 has a bigger display screen of 4.7 inches when compared to the 4 inches for Nokia Lumia 520. The Nexus 4 also has a higher pixel density of 318 ppi, as compared to the 235 ppi of the Nokia Lumia. Both the devices run on the same hardware of Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 Plus with a built in storage of 8 GB. The battery performance and talk time is almost the same for both the phones, being around 15 hours. However, the capacity is higher in case of the Google Nexus 4, being 2100 mAh, as against 1430 mAh of the Nokia Lumia 520. The RAM capacity in case of Nokia Lumia 520 is 512 MB, with the Nexus 4 having a bigger RAM size of 2 GB.

The Upside

Both the phones offer good responsiveness and an effective user interface. The Nexus 4, however, also enjoys the latest version of the Android OS, the 4.2 Jelly Bean. The Nexus 4 also offers gesture-typing keyboard that is lacking in the Nokia Lumia. In case of the Nokia Lumia 520, you can enjoy additional apps and services from Nokia.

The Downside

On the other hand, the Google Nexus does not have support for 4 G. The location of the speaker is not good and the camera sensor is rather poor. The photosphere is also not very practical for using. The Nokia Lumia 520 has a poor screen resolution and the sound quality of the built in speaker is not so good.

Nokia Lumia 520 Pros

The Nokia Lumia 520 scores over the Google Nexus 4, as it has a better JavaScript execution. It also supports FM radio, whereas the Google Nexus 4 does not. The Nokia Lumia is also lighter and easier to carry. The specifications are similar to the Lumia 620 and it is a good selection in case of those who wish to discover Windows Phone services and get additional services from Nokia at a good price. The device is quite responsive and has a good screen, though with a poor resolution. It is also able to take decent pictures.

Google Nexus 4 Pros

On the other hand, there are some reasons for considering the Google Nexus 4, as it has a bigger app store that contains more than 850,000 apps, as compared to the Nokia Lumia 520 having around 120,000 applications. The Google Nexus 4 also supports NFC and has a Quad Core, whereas the Nokia Lumia only has a Dual Core. The processor is also quite faster for the Google Nexus 4 being 1.5 GHz compared to 1 GHz of the Nokia Lumia 520. The battery capacity is also more with 2,100 as against 1,430 mAh. Download speed is better at 84 Mb per second as against 5.76 Mb per second along with better resolution and a sharper screen. The screen size is bigger and it is slightly thinner and looks sleeker. The price is a rock bottom one and it offers Android without any of the additional software available from the competition. It is graceful and elegant.


One issue seen in the Google Nexus 4 is that the camera rendering is rather inconsistent. In addition, the memory is not expandable and this could put off potential customers. That said, it is the best value for money in the Android world.

Technology Nokia Lumia 520 vs Nexus 4 – Price and Specs Comparison