If you want a viable alternative to the iPad Mini, the first tablet that comes to mind is the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3.

Samsung tablets are amazing Android based ones. Let’s see how the Galaxy Tab 3 measures up against the iPad Mini.

Design and Usability

Of course, the iPad’s design is very impressive. Apple has made it into a light and thin tablet that is easy to hold and use. While comparing the design with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, the latter does seem a little cheap. The button layout on the Tab 3 also has poor usability. For instance, the suspend button is just over the volume button, so you tend to accidentally suspend the tablet, even when all you wanted to do was increase the volume.

Tab 3 – Overkill

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 takes a lot from the original Kindle Fire. The installing process is simple in the Samsung Tab 3, with a Google Play account, a Dropbox account, a Samsung account and so on. Including Dropbox seems a good idea, as cloud storage is a simple means of sharing files between different devices. The Tab 3 also has several default apps covering two pages, such as Flipboard and Google as well as two web browsers. There are two different ways to play music, apart from an alarm and a clock app, which are separate. This seems to be rather overkilling, with Samsung apps as well as the standard Android applications mixed up.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 comes in 7 inches, 8 inches and in 10.1 inches, with the first two being direct competitors to the iPad Mini. Storage capacity can be expanded up to 32 GB and it also offers 3G support or LTE support. The external storage capacity can be extended to 64 GB with a micro SD. The 8-inch table comes at a higher price, but it has a higher resolution for the screen, improved dual cameras and a speedier processor.

iPad Mini

It seems there is absolutely no comparison between the iPad Mini and the Galaxy Tab 3, with the former being far superior. The iPad Mini feels better and you can access more number of apps. The response is better as well. The iPad Mini is one of the fastest tablets in the market. The App Store offers more than one million apps, all of which are specifically designed for the iPad. Some of the apps can also be run in the iPhone compatibility mode.

Storage and Price

However, the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 is rather slow and quite disappointing, especially the 7 inch version, with the Wi Fi version being the slowest. However, there is one aspect where it scores above the iPad mini and this is the price. It is now being offered at discounts, but though this sounds like a real deal, users may feel let down with the Wi-Fi model that offers only 8 GB storage. Android OS itself takes up about 2.7 GB. Once all the default applications are set in, you have just about 5 GB of storage left, which means that you need to upgrade with external storage. Another alternative is to opt for the 16 GB models, which will then result in an increase in the price.

The Winner

Apple’s iPad Mini is a sure winner, except perhaps for the cheaper price of the Samsung Tab 3. The Tab 3 is an outdated tablet having a cheap exterior. The dual facing cameras are not up to standard and it has a confusing set of models available in various sizes. Yet, Android tablets do have some advantages over the iPad, as it has an open architecture.

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