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Flappy Bird Free Download – An Era of Awesomeness Comes to an End


There are so many games that people are hooked to.

However, when we are talking of the top games that you can enjoy, you just can’t miss out the Flappy bird. It is a game that has been hailed to be epic because it is addicting and keeps people on the edge of their seats.

What Makes Flappy Bird So Famous?

If you are wondering as to what is the main reason for the awesome popularity that Flappy bird enjoys, following are some of the main reasons that justify the insane level of popularity that this game enjoys.

Challenges Keep People Going

Flappy bird is known to be notoriously famous for tough challenges. It is really difficult to play the game and as the level progresses, you may find yourself getting desperate to clear the levels. The challenges and the difficulty of each level make this game even more addicting. There is a lot of competition in this game and you can find people competing with each other fiercely. No one is willing to quit and this makes the game even more entertaining.

Simple yet Engaging

These days, games are packed with some of the most powerful graphics and the colors and display jazz up the screen. However, Flappy bird is one of those games that still deals in simple graphics. There is 2D graphics, but the plot and the game play is so addictive that you can’t help but love the game. The bird keeps slipping and you have to put in your best effort to ensure that it doesn’t slip and trip and it shouldn’t crash. It takes every single bit of stamina and effort to ace the level and so you are not likely to even blink your eye when you are playing Flappy bird.

The Game Is Discontinued

If you have never played Flappy bird and you want to try it, now that you know the kind of addiction it has, there is sad news waiting for you. Flappy bird has been permanently discontinued. The developer of the game was of the opinion that the game was ideally meant to be a way of relaxing and unwinding after the day’s work. However, in the end, it became more unsettling and it was adding to the stress because gamers kept getting really frustrated and desperate at failing to clear the levels. In order to preserve sanity, the developer discontinued the game. A lot of hearts have been broken because Flappy bird was definitely one of the most popular games in the history of gaming.

There were people who kept playing the game for endless hours. As soon as the game was discontinued, the market started to flood with similar looking games that were a loose rip off of Flappy birds. However, there won’t be another game like this and gamers are definitely going to miss it. Some games are good, some are great and then there are a few that become legendary. Looks like Flappy bird was legendary.