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Gmail Free Download – The Features That Will Keep the Intruders Away


When you are using an email platform, the kind of security that you should get has to be top notch.

If the security of the email platform is not up to the mark, it can create troubles because compromising with security can rob you of your private data stored in the email.

Is Gmail A Good Option?

If you are wondering as to whether or not Gmail will give you the finest options, here are some of the security aspects that Gmail has to offer. Gmail comes packed with some of the best settings and if you are paranoid about losing important data, you should make it a point to use these features.

The Two Step Authentication Process

This is by far one of the best ways of securing your account. When you opt for the two step authentication process offered by Gmail, you will block most of the attacks by intruders. Setting up the authentication process is extremely simple and it doesn’t needs any additional or extra technical know how.

By using this authentication process, every time you login to your account from a PC you do not normally use, you will be prompted to enter a password that will be sent to your mobile. So, unless the hacker had access to your mobile number, his/her source of entering your Gmail account will be completely blocked.

Those who have some of the most confidential data locked in their email accounts are advised to turn this feature on as it is a foolproof way of keeping your security preserved.

Secured HTTP

By default, this feature is always turned on in your mailbox. However, even then, there is no harm in cross checking and analyzing if you have the HTTPS connection. When you are surfing over unencrypted networks, hacking into your Gmail account is much easier when you are not over secured HTTP connection. Therefore, if you do not wish to lose some of your important data, you should ideally turn this feature on.

Revoking and Granting Access

There is a separate setting for the apps that you can grant and revoke access. There are a few apps that can hack into your account and steal your data. If you do not want such hassles to bother you, you can always visit the settings page and revoke access for applications that you do not use and the ones that seem a little shady.

Security assumes paramount importance and one should not fiddle with it because once hackers gain access to your Gmail account, they may alter data, misrepresent information and even reset your password as well. This can create more problems than you can start to imagine and to avoid all of this, the better solution is to check out the above mentioned security tips and implement them.

Gmail free platform comes with some of the best tips and tricks that can come in handy as far as handling the security aspect is concerned. When you are aware of the right points to implement, you will be able to keep intruders at bay.