With the Minecraft Xbox One updates coming release, players are already excited for things they could expect to be in it.

Some of the features that the game developers, 4J Studios confirmed are exciting including the ability to dye armor, wolf collars, trade with villagers and even create a fully scripted adventure map. Players will have the opportunity to create a fully guided map in the adventure mode which restricts others from destroying walls and stones as they wish. They can make any changes to it only when the right tool is in possession which is hard to find and makes the adventure as scripted always. It will help them in making the map more customized and retaining the original style as intended by the creator.

Dye Color

Apart from that, there’s also the ability to change the color of the character which is mandatory for players these days. Everyone loves to customize their character to suit their individual taste. The developing team revealed this info for Minecraft Xbox One in a series of screenshots officially revealed some time back. It clearly depicted the creative interface which offered variety of colors for the players to make use. The interface images confirmed other features as well including the ability to trade items with NPC villagers to get emeralds in return. The next gen version of the game will get the precious stones emeralds added to its update list and will be available by default on launch. Most other features will be equivalent of the 1.3.1 released on the PC platform.

Store Items in Ender Chests

Among many other new features that will be part of the Minecraft Xbox One version, the Ender Chest is expected to be an extremely useful addition. While other platforms are already enjoying this, next gen console is yet to get it. Whether it will be released as an update or with the basic version of the game on its release date is yet to be confirmed. These Ender Chests are useful for players to store items they have in their inventory and retrieve them from anywhere in the map. They can even grab those things even if the chest is fully destroyed by placing a new Ender chest on top of it.

Giving players the ability to store items will change the game play experience in a better way. Besides, they will be able to grab those items in the nether world or even place those chests in ores where all collected items will directly be moved to the storage boxes. New features that are expected to be part of Minecraft Xbox One edition doesn’t stop here because there are plenty of new food items including potatoes and pumpkin pies while players can choose to bake potatoes using the right fuel. Decoration items including carpets and paintings will be introduced for the platform. Players can use the carpets to cover walls and floors of the first floor which will make their building structures look more aesthetic and appealing. Flower pots will be part of the addition as well.

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