The Samsung Galaxy S4 was released in 2013 to much fanfare and it is said to have become one of the top selling phones, but let’s see whether it is really better than the Samsung Galaxy S3 and whether the upgraded specifications are really worth the extra price.

Design Comparison

As far as the design of both the phones go, both have a plastic rear, with the S4 being upgraded to Gorilla Glass 3 in the front, as against Gorilla Glass 2 in case of S3. The rear cover is removable in both the phones so you can access the battery. Some improvements in the S4 design allow a larger screen and a slimmer look from 9mm to 8 mm. A number of additional colors are also available for the S4, besides the black and white finish. S4 and S3 are available in black and white as well as blue, red and so on.


The S4 and the S3 come in different versions of 16GB, 32GB, and 64GB, with expandable storage using a micro SD. This enables cheap expansion of memory in the phone. This means that more people will opt for the lower capacity versions, as the micro SD card can do everything that the internal storage does, at a lower price.


The Galaxy S4 runs on the Snapdragon 600 quad core and is powered by a 1.9 GHz CPU with 2GB RAM. On the other hand, the S3 runs on Exynos 4212 quad core with a CPU of 1.4 GHz and a RAM of 1 GB. The Snapdragon chip in the S4 makes use of Krait architecture and is slightly more powerful than the S3 processor and more efficient as well. The increase in RAM seen in the S4 will not make much of a difference in the performance but with age the S3 might struggle while users play some of the latest games.

New Features

The S4 runs on Android 4.2 with the TouchWiz, whereas the Galaxy S3 runs on Android 4.1 TouchWiz. Some new features have been introduced in the S4 and this includes the Air Gestures and the WatchON as well as the Smart Scroll and an S Translator. You also have Group Play and a camera app that has been redesigned. You can interact with the device without even touching the screen and there is an app for replacing the remote control for your TV. You can translate emails and text with an app and go through texts just by tilting the phone. However, all these features will soon be available for the S3 as well.

Camera Features

The S3 has a 1.9 MP front camera and an 8 MP rear camera, whereas the S4 has a 2 MP camera in the front and a rear camera of 13 MP, with both cameras having LED flash. The S4 also has some upgrades with a 13 MP sensor, compared to the 8MP sensor in the S3, thereby offering greater details in pictures taken in the S4. However, both the phones will have a problem taking pictures in low light conditions. The S4, in addition, has a video mode of live HDR, wherein it is able to merge two exposures to produce a more lifelike image and this feature is very useful while taking stills as well as videos. The camera interface of the S4 has also been improved.

The Verdict

If you are wondering whether to upgrade to the S4 from the S3, the points in favor of such an upgrade are; better screen with more detail and a camera with higher pixels. The high resolution screen makes it a better phone in many ways, so if you are not yet in the Galaxy series, you can consider buying the S4 instead of the S3, though the price is surely be higher.

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