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The Sims 4 Release Date May Bring In-Depth Single Player Campaigns


The wait is getting longer and longer for an official Sims 4 announcement.

However, it is already known that a company like EA will never stop such a successful franchise ever. There is no assured news about its release date yet but some leaked information suggests it could well be on its way for a fall 2014 launch. Chances do suggest that this could be true because it could be well under the making for past two or three years when Sims 3 was getting new DLC updates. The company for some reason decided to keep pushing the older title to the end but as it is high time now for a next gen game release, one can expect a new announcement shortly. There are some of the most anticipated features that players are looking forward to get and if they are part of the upcoming game, it definitely got a great chance to appease old players as well as attract the interest quotient of newcomers.

Open World Adventure

If there is something that players want for a long time, it is freedom of exploration. Game developers are expected to introduce bigger maps with plenty of new places to interact which will make the Sims 4 an extremely addictive game to play. The concept has already been incorporated in many games including Grand Theft Auto series and Elder Scrolls. For a real life simulator, the ability to go out and meet other people is mandatory. The player community expects these features to be separately added, one specific for multiplayer interaction while the other will be for single player campaigns. This will keep players with every taste busy when playing the game and give them the openness to go out to make friends. The simulation requires more shops to go, vehicles to drive and places to visit which will put the game world in the hands of the player. Bigger maps will most probably be part of the upcoming version of the game.

DLC Packs

Introducing unique, single player campaigns is another most wanted feature. The game witnessed a strong change with the medieval expansion pack and if a similar theme can be infused into The Sims 4, it will definitely push the game to greater heights. Having the ability to play a real life simulator in different time periods is exceptionally engaging. The developers may need time to develop separate campaigns. As the game is from EA who is well known for their DLC and expansion packs, this strong story campaigns can be split into multiple parts for periodical release.

From a graphical perspective, the Sims 4 is expected to have significant update over its predecessor because of the next gen consoles powering them. With more processing power available on all platforms, developers will now have the power to introduce a bigger and better engine with enhanced gameplay aspects. The updated engine will bring about a visible change in graphics as players expect the characters to be more lifelike than ever which will increase the overall quality of the title.