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Free Google Chrome Proves That It Is the Better Choice to Download


Safari for iPhone is most used by its users, mainly because the app is pre-installed in the device, but when Google Chrome became available to download for free for iOS, many iPhone users have switched to a new favorite web browser.

While Safari is more than capable of handling on its own, Google Chrome continues to prove that it’s the better choice. At first look, Google Chrome is similar with Safari for iOS with its minimalist and clean design, but that’s as far as similarities go between them.
When iOS7 was released, Google Chrome has also made some updates on their app to make web browsing easier for its users. Fans of the desktop version are usually those who download Google Chrome on their iPhone, while fans of Apple stick to the device’s original browser. If you’re tired of Safari and thinking of switching to a different browser, here are reasons why you should consider downloading Google Chrome on your iPhone.

Incognito Private Browsing

If you’re using a shared device, it is important to have the option of switching to private browsing anytime you want. You can privately browse the web in a different incognito tab. The pages you visit in incognito will not be saved in your history, and it won’t leave traces like cookies. You can tap the tab switcher icon to switch between public and incognito mode.

Sync Your Devices

You can easily sync all your devices with Google Chrome for iOS. Just sign in with your Google account on your iPhone, and all your internet bookmarks will be automatically synchronized, granted that your other devices are also signed in with your Google ID. This means that if you want to view the webpages that are currently open on your computer, new tabs will be opened on your iPhone to sync the pages.

Voice Search

One of the most innovative features of Google Chrome for iOS, the voice search function allows you to search the web in a more convenient way. If you don’t want to waste your time typing on the search bar, you can just speak your question out loud and you will get a spoken answer promptly, complete with search results. We must say that Google’s voice search implementation of voice dictation as well as feedback is one of the best we’ve experienced. Recent update of Google Chrome now allows you to ask multiple questions after your last one. As an example, you can ask “How tall is the Eiffel Tower?” followed by “Where can I find it?” You will be directed to results showing you the answers to both questions.

Unlimited Tabs and Usability

Google Chrome is the best choice when it comes to multiple browsing. You can open unlimited tabs at once without compromising the speed. Google Chrome can also boast about its better tab management. You can find the number of tabs you currently have on the upper right of the page, tap on the button to switch tabs, and if you want to erase a tab, simply swipe it in any direction to get rid of it.