There are multiple features that will be available for the Minecraft PS4 edition at launch.

The developers will bring new food items, tripwire hooks to set traps, desert temples, and jungle temples to explore and even a completely new precious stone, the emeralds. All the additions will make the game more addictive and the fact that it is getting launched on a next gen console makes things more interesting.

The raw processing power of the PS4 will relatively be high compared to its older generation counterpart and with its power; developers will have the much-required freedom to introduce multiple features at once. While the title update 14 that will have all the above said features, it will also fix variety of bugs and glitches found on the platform’s version. It is an altogether different story for the next gen console which will be a much refined version at launch itself.

Store Your Items in Ender Chest

Speaking to the gaming community through their Twitter account, the development team 4J studios confirmed that they are busy working on the update. They also clarified that the freedom of being able to tweak maps, introduce better textures and features is much easier on the new console. Minecraft PS4 edition screenshots were released earlier which confirmed some of the updates and it is almost evident that it is version 1.3.1 that has already landed on the PC edition.

The exciting updates include an ender chest which is a great storage option. Players will have the ability to store items in it anywhere in the map which is mandatory because usually they will lose everything they have when they die. Instead of losing those items collected through hours of gameplay, a player can now simply keep those inventory items in the chest, die and spawn at any point to retrieve them all. It’s much easier and also supports the concept of retrieving items even when it is broken.

Ride on a Pig

Ender chest is an eternal item because any item placed in it will never get lost. Even if someone else destroyed the entire box, players can simply place a new one in its place and retrieve them. An added advantage is that you will be able to use it in both worlds, the nether and the real. Some players use it as a way to transport items into the nether which cannot be manually carried because of a full inventory or some map restrictions.

This is a common norm found among PC players as they have the update already while Minecraft PS4 players will get it as well once an official release date is announced. With screenshots and news released by 4J studios stating that larger maps are possible in Minecraft PS4 edition, there is the option to tie carrot on a stick and travel by mounting pigs. It is a convenient and a joyous way to travel through maps to reach your desired destination. Pigs will be breed in the new version using carrots instead of those other food items used in the past.

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