Surface Pro 2 is a tablet that is actually a laptop in a highly focused productive design and can be converted to one in minutes.

The product runs on Windows 8.1 operating system that is one of the most useful features of all. Users find it more productive than other products in the market because it is a familiar operating system and will have all the useful software available for it including Microsoft Office.

The company made sure that their product should stand apart with a variety of features including high precision touch screen, stylus pen for easy marking and signatures, high storage capacity, the ability to multi-task apps as well as a keyboard accessory. The touch friendly rubber finish keyboard can be purchased separately if users like to. It is not only designed to imitate a full sized keyboard but is also integrated with buttons dedicated for MS office. Shortcuts such as these will save time spent in navigation and make it easy to get the job done with uncompromised quality.

Slick Multi-Tasking

Multi-tasking is an important aspect of using the Surface Pro 2. It is powered by an Intel processor that is one of the most powerful advantages of using this tablet. Most other operating systems allow only apps and there are no desktop modes. The powerful processor allows users to not only use many apps at once but they will be able to use all software programs in desktop mode as well.

Users who have been using Windows operating system for a long time will see themselves in familiar territory. The new update for the OS makes it easy to snap metro apps along with the desktop screen and simultaneously work on them. It is more comfortable for you to make use of the features provided in two different modes and there’s no need to alternate between them. This can be harsh on the eyes. The software allows almost infinite number of apps to be open at the same time.

Connectivity Options

On the connectivity front, the Surface Pro 2 has plenty to offer with full sized USB ports, display port and memory card reader. Most other products doesn’t integrate this feature which makes it the only to have a 3.0 USB port. It is the fastest and latest connectivity option available for full-fledged computers. The new port is capable of transferring at the highest speed possible and it is approximately 3X times faster. This saves time when moving large files to the drive.

The additional card reader makes it easy to transfer photos taken on a mobile phone or a digital camera. It acts as a tablet at this point where users don’t like to plug and play devices but rather directly swap in the card to retrieve files instantly. The innovative design of the tablet allows users to connect the magnetic keyboard cover directly to it without using any USB ports. It sends input commands through the magnetic touch and is also very flat which makes the product less bulky.

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