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Yahoo Messenger Free Download – A Great Video Chat Option for iOS


Apple has always astounded people with some of its killer apps.

When they introduced FaceTime, it seemed that every other video calling and chat app would fail in comparison. However, FaceTime could only be used from one Apple device to another. Those who did not have Apple devices could not use it. FaceTime did send other app developers scampering to reinvent their own apps so that users could have video chat compatibility in their phones. Yahoo was among the earliest apps to have introduced this option to its users.

Yahoo Messenger for iOS

Yahoo Messenger had almost been forgotten and there was hardly any innovation. However, their app for iOS is very impressive and highly innovative. The Yahoo Messenger app for iOS has been especially optimized for Apple devices. If you have an iPad, your video call experience will be second to none. It allows you the option to make video and voice calls. You can also text chat and send SMSs. This app also lets users click and send images through it. For iPad2 users, there is also an option for video chat with Windows users.


The apps functionality is simply excellent. It offers seamless video calling for all Apple devices with a front facing camera. Though Yahoo Messenger has never been known especially for its video calling abilities, the app can give both Skype and FaceTime a run for their money. In ease of use and video quality, the app is at par with the other, more popular video chat apps. It can help iOS users make calls to any other device as well.


Yahoo Messenger has always had an inability to import all of a user’s Yahoo contacts into the chat applet. They have carried this forward into their iOS app as well. They have made one change though. Now, you can import a list of your contacts from your MSN Live Messenger, but for users who have never used the Live Messenger, this feature is not very beneficial. If you are new to Yahoo Messenger, your contact queue will be completely empty. This is one of the reasons that the app has not been able to achieve critical mass. It has far too few adopters and most of the users are Yahoo loyalists.

Final Verdict

Though Yahoo Messenger for iOS has its drawbacks too, it is among the best video calling apps available today. Yahoo is a name quickly fading away into oblivion, but this app may be able to revive it somewhat. It has beaten Google Talk by offering a video calling app much before them. However, Yahoo has lost a lot of its reputation and though this app is really excellent, there may not be many takers for it. The great thing is that Yahoo has made the effort to build a state of the art communication app for a high end product. This may be an indicator of upcoming innovations that one could expect from Yahoo. It also makes one wonder if they would soon be introducing specialized apps for other popular mobile devices.