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Download Candy Crush Saga for Free and Find Out Why it’s So Addicting


It’s almost impossible to find a person who has not heard of Candy Crush Saga, seeing that it’s the most popular game of 2013.

Every smartphone or tablet owner has the game installed on their device, and talking about the app is a normal routine for family and friends. The surprise of Candy Crush Saga is that at first try, the game looks easy. However, don’t get fooled, because this game is actually a lot harder than it looks.

Getting Addicted to the Free App

As you reach higher levels in the game, you will realize that it’s not easy to turn away from it. The game will entice you to never put your device down, not even when you have more important matters to attend to. It has happened with many users of the app; some of them neglecting their job, some literally lost jobs because of their addiction to the game, while others spend thousands on in-app purchases. No matter what your story is, we know that you can relate when it comes to being addicted to Candy Crush Saga.

Simple Gameplay but be Prepared to Get Hooked

Taking a page out of Bejeweled’s book, Candy Crush Saga holds the typical match-three rule. Match three or more delicious looking candies to score points. Match the candies in a special way and you will get special candies. Striped candies are formed when you match four candies. Candies in a wrapper are made by matching five candies in a T or L shape. And color bomb candies are formed when you matched five candies in a horizontal or vertical line. When you use the candies together, the effects are greater and can cause a cascade of regular candies afterwards.

Different Objectives

Each level has an objective that you need to do, but completing the objective does not guarantee a place to the next level. You still need to reach the required score for that level. As you progresses with the game, the objectives get more difficult. There are different challenges that make each level difficult. Some of the challenges include chocolate machine where it transforms the candies beside it into chocolates, and you need to match candies beside them before they return back to regular candies. If that is not hard enough, another challenge you will encounter are the time bomb candies.

Finish the Game Before You Run Out Of Lives

Candy Crush Saga is played by using five lives. If you keep on failing every try, you will eventually run out of lives, and you will have to wait for a while before the 5 lives are filled again. The good news is if you don’t want to wait (who likes waiting?) you can just ask your Facebook friends to send you lives. Your friends should be playing the game as well before they can send you extra lives. In return, your friends can also ask you to send them extra lives. Candy Crush Saga is also about creating bonds with your friends and family, even if that bond is only about sending each other extra lives for the app.