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Download Gmail App for Free – Best Suited For Both Work and Personal


Smartphones and tablets are mainly used for keeping in touch with the people in our lives.

Some people use it for playing games, but majority of owners use their devices for work-related stuff. No matter what people say about instant messaging, it is the latest form of communication. Nothing still beats good old-fashioned email. It still surprises and delights most of us when we receive a personal email from someone we haven’t talked to in a while.

Personal Emails

Personal letters never get old, so when someone composes a long letter and sends it via email, we can’t help but feel extra special, especially if that person lives far from us. While instant messaging or even video calling can arguably be great alternatives for email, knowing that someone made an extra effort in writing a long letter and emailed it to you still sounds better than exchanging texts and words back and forth. For personal and more serious conversations, email is still our choice.

Companies Still Use Emails

Of course, emails are not always personal. If anything, they are of better use for work and business stuff, which is why almost all companies still rely on emails to get their jobs done. There are certain things and features that only emails can do that messaging and free calling apps can’t, although such apps also have their advantages such as instant response. You can also save time if you quickly dial a workmate’s number instead of sending them an email.

The Best Webmail Service

If you happen to be a fan of traditional email, Gmail is a great app that you should download on your device. The app is for free and setting up an account is easy. Gmail is one of the best webmail services today, and it’s no wonder that a lot of companies use this service for their daily work. If you’re the type of person who likes to keep in touch with anything related to work even if you’re already out of the office, Gmail is a great choice of app.

Gmail App

If you’re using an iPhone, you will notice that it has its own native Mail app where you can save your email account. This app is great to use if you have different email accounts in different webmail services. However, if you’re solely using Gmail for both your work and personal use, we recommend that you download the Gmail app. It has more features than the iPhone’s native Email app.

Gmail App Features

The Gmail app supports multiple accounts, so if you have more than one Gmail account, you can save them all in a single Gmail app. The stand-alone app also allows you to receive push notifications when you receive a new email. The push notifications are available for all your Gmail accounts that you saved in the app. The Gmail app also allows you to use Google Apps when opening a link, instead of the browser. So if you’re having second thoughts about which app to use for your Gmail, remember that the Gmail app has more features than the native Mail app.