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Enjoy Free Instagram for PC Using the App’s Official Website


Instagram is one of the best social media apps in the App Store and Google Play Store, and it has captured the attention of the people who love taking photos of themselves and other things.

This free app allows you to share your photos using two options. You can share your photos privately, which only your followers can see, or you can share it with the public, where everyone, not just your followers can view your photos. It’s a great app, but the only downside is only smartphone and tablet owners can use it.

Instagram’s Official Website

It’s been an endless question on when will Instagram becomes available on PC. The company has sort of made a solution for this by introducing their official website. At first, it got everyone excited that finally here is their chance to enjoy the app without buying expensive smartphones and tablets. However, after trying the website, it didn’t take long for everyone to realize that it wasn’t the real deal. The official website only allows you to sign in to your account (or sign up if you don’t have one yet), view your live feed, and like and leave a comment on someone’s photo.

What It Lets You Do

You can also follow or unfollow someone on the website. Clicking on someone’s profile, including yours, will show your photos from the most recent to the oldest. There is also a cover photo as a header, but you don’t get to choose which photos will show there. The photos are from your own collection and they change from time to time. You can also edit your profile on Instagram’s website.

What It Doesn’t Let You Do

The fun, however, stops there. Other than these activities, you can’t do other things on the official website of Instagram, including the most important thing, which is to upload your photos. If you think that you have found a way to use Free Instagram for PC, think again. The app’s official website does not even have a search option or the most popular page, where you can see the photos that have tons of likes from different people. You also don’t receive news if a new follower follows you or if someone likes or comments on your photos.

Should You Try It?

What’s the use of having an Instagram account if you can’t upload and share your own photos anytime you want? The official website of the app is not the answer to Free Instagram for PC. It will just frustrate you if you wish to upload photos straight from your hard drive. On the other hand, if you just want to visit your feed and see what everyone is up to at the moment while you’re taking a break from your work or homework, the official website of Instagram is the best outlet to do that.

Other Options

There are other options to enjoy Free Instagram for PC, but it will require you to download third-party software, but if you want to share photos from your hard drive, you have to do it the normal way – email the photos to your own address, open and save them on your smartphone or tablet, and use them on the Instagram app.