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Free Download Of Temple Run on PC – Exploring an Exciting World


Temple Run is a free game application that was developed by Keith Shephered with his wife Natalia Luckyanova, helped by KirilTchangov.

It was originally released for the iOS and then later for Android and Windows Phone 8. The game has been acclaimed as being the most downloaded one from the App store.

Endless Running

The game centers on an explorer who has stolen a temple idol and is chased by demonic monkeys. The game involves saving yourself from a scary monster from the temple in which you have stolen an idol. The monster is after you in order to get it back and you need to keep running endlessly. Running is the only thing that matters in this game along with what you are able to collect while running. You can collect coins and magnets as well as jewels and a lot of other things. You can also upgrade your powers and keep unlocking additional characters as you run along.

Downloading on your PC

It is a popular arcade game meant primarily for mobile devices and it has been developed by Imangi Studios. It has been a huge hit with more than 50 million players from all over the world. You can now play it on your desktop or even on your flatscreen television by using an Android emulator. The PC version has more fun and additional matrix dimensions, with more players. The game is also faster and has more power ups for the PC. You can download the game for free very easily just by following a few simple steps.

Using an Emulator

The game was primarily designed for mobile devices, so in order to run it on your PC and play it you need to use an application or an emulator, such as the Android emulator. You can also use an app like Bluestack. In case of installing Bluestack on your PC, it is important to have a RAM of at least 2GB on your PC.

Using Bluestacks

Firstly, you must download the Bluestack App Player, which runs Android games on Personal Computers. Next, install the tool onto your PC. Open the Bluestack App player and search by typing out ‘Temple Run’ and click on it. The downloading of the game begins and installation also begins automatically. You can now explore the exciting world of Temple Run from your PC.

Alternative Procedure

If you have problems while downloading the Temple Run for PC by the above method, you can follow another alternative. You need to download the APK file of Temple Run. In this case also, you need to install Bluestacks, as Windows OS does not run .APK files. After downloading the Temple Run.APK file, click on the file and start enjoying the game.

Using Intel’s AppUp

If the Bluestacks method does not work for your personal computer, you can also try Intel’s AppUp free software, which is also another Android emulator. This is very useful software for downloading apps or games from your smartphone or your tablet. It can help you run Temple Run on your computer. The application also offers support for most of the common operating software, such as Windows 8, Vista, XP and 7.

Repeating the Success in the Sequel

The sequel, Temple Run 2, has got the maximum number of installations among the Android free games and it has surpassed the number for the previous Temple Run version. The sequel has additional characters, namely, Karma Lee, Guy Dangerous, Scarlett Fox and Barry Bones, with special abilities. For playing it on your PC, you need the same Bluestackssoftware and a PC RAM of 2 GB with optimized graphics, so that the game can be run without any lags.