With the addition of jungle temples and desert temples, players have new ways to explore when the title update 14 officially comes to Minecraft PS3 edition.

The developers have had a long gap between the release dates for console versions but have assured that it will not be so this time around. They will not only bring the new feature update in time but will also make sure a wide range of bugs, glitches get fixed for better game play experience.

All these updates are already on the PC platform and will soon roll out to the console version. It is an equivalent of the 1.3.1 that is on Windows. This will include these new versions filled with loot. However, in order to avoid tripwires and traps set in these buildings, you have to successfully complete those puzzles. Individuals with good puzzle solving skills will find this addition rewarding because it will open four different chambers filled with loot.

Using Tripwires and Hooks

These tripwires and tripwire hooks will not only be part of the temples but will be available for players to use as well. When building new structures, players can choose to use these tripwires to setup a trap. Any entity or a player who is trespassing on unknown property will feel the wrath of these traps. They will trigger a potion, a volley of arrows or any type of attack. It either could instantly kill the player or will weaken them so that they may not survive for a long time.

The feature update for Minecraft PS3 also introduces carpets using which the tripwires can safely be hidden and anyone stepping on them will know they are in a trap only after the attack. Such additions are expected to make the game more engaging and give players more things to do including the ability to make their structures secure. The carpets are provided to decorate the floors of a building but sometimes they help in setting up traps as well to surprise unsuspecting players.

Mod Support

Just some time ago, 4J Studios, the team that is responsible for developing Minecraft PS3 revealed that they just could not handle increasing player questions on the release date of the update. They are receiving too many requests at once but there will be no official announcement until the update is submitted for certificate testing. Sony has a strict verification process only after which such updates can be rolled out on the platform.

Hardcore gamers also know that because of these strictness in terms of control by the publisher, there are no mod support for the console version of the game while modding is a very common thing to see on the PC version. The company claims it could be weeks away before the release but based on their frequent updates and screenshots of interfaces released, it could be very close but like everyone other developer, the Studio doesn’t want too much hype spoiling a good game. Either way, gamers have good things to look forward to in the coming days and a formal announcement soon.

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