Minecraft PS4 will have a release date pegged somewhere around June because latest updates indicate that the Xbox version could have an earlier date.

The development team 4J Studios is practically working on multiple versions of the game at the same time, which is a difficult task to accomplish. Besides, they have a bigger motive this time around to not release a game on the Sony platform that is half-baked and not ready to offer engaging game play as its previous counterpart.

When PS3 version of Minecraft got launched in 2013, it was not only a late launch compared to its console counterpart but it also had plenty of bugs to be fixed in it as well. In a huge, open world title such as Minecraft, bugs or glitches could completely make the title unimpressive which is why they want more time to be spent on the next gen version of the game.

All New Adventure Mode

The game will have all latest features and updates integrated into it. Minecraft PS4 version is also expected to have large maps and better textures. While the basic style of the game is more retro and doesn’t feature next gen graphics, the increase in resolution and better textures will help objects look more appealing. Players will find it easy to identify stuff such as baked potatoes or carrots which look different in the older generation console versions.

The interfaces will be tweaked and more user friendly. The title is about to get a new adventure mode which will let you explore scripted events and maps designed by other players without destroying anything. Only the right tool will allow you to move blocks or alter them. Whether such scripted parts in map will come to the multi-player split screen modes or will it be more like a single player exploration, is yet to be known. It may be decided by the person who designs it as well.

TU14 Release Date & Features

The release date for the Minecraft PS4 edition has better possibilities to go along with the title update 14. As 4J Studios are working on all platforms, it is unclear how and when they will vary the dates. The company revealed more screenshots for the PS4 version which confirmed the existence of carpets, painting and even an ender chest. It will allow users to keep stuff they have in their inventory and retrieve them from any other location by placing another chest. The concept is more like a portal which works both in the nether and the normal world.

The higher processing power of the next gen console will provide freedom to the developers to include bigger maps. The news is yet to be confirmed but with PC having mod support and more map space to explore, it is obvious that players in the Playstation community expect the same especially with a more powerful console up their sleeve now. The higher resolution will make the game look crisp. This was evident in the screenshots released and once the wait is over, things will fall in place.

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