Samsung has finally decided to offer more variety to users who crave for more choice and features in the dual SIM category of smart mobile phones.

These phones are used by people who whish to use the same phone for both business as well personal use. Some people who travel overseas often also prefer using dual SIM phones so that they can operate on two different mobile plans to save on roaming costs.

With the launch of Grand Neo, Samsung loyalists have some reasons to cheer. However, the features of the phone need to be compelling enough to encourage the Grand Duos users to make a switch to this mid range smart phone that is urging its users to design a neo life in its tagline.

Here is a quick comparison of the Grand Neo and Grand Duos that can help you make a wise choice between the two dual SIM options from the Galaxy Grand range.

You’ve Got the Look

In the looks department, both the phones offer a bulkier version of their cousins, the Galaxy Grand family due to the dual SIM offering with Neo being slightly on the heavier side. Both phones sport a WVGA 5 inch TFT screen. With such low resolution, the images are not as sharp as in other Galaxy phones. FM radio also featured in the newly launched Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo. Since this feature eats up a lot of battery life, users may not care for it much.

The Grey Matter

Galaxy Grand Neo is run by a 1.2GHz quad-core processor in the company of 1GB RAM in comparison to a meager 768 MB RAM of Duos. It also has an upgraded Android v4.2 Jelly Bean OS. Since these phones do not need to meet the demands of performance in terms of high resolution, the overall performance of these phones is good. There is also a grand difference in the storage arena. Duos only offers 4GB internal storage whereas Neo offers 8 GB as well as 16 GB internal storage options. Samsung offers more expandable storage of up to 64 GB. In Neo that is double of what Duos offers.

Power Bunny

A dual SIM phone is likely to be used more for its calling feature. A battery dead phone can cause a double whammy situation for the mobile owner as not one but two mobile numbers depend on it. Hence, a long battery life is of prime importance in these phones. Neo comes with an enhanced battery of 2010 mAh. This may however not suffice long hours of calling as well as browsing usage.

Camera Functions

The 5.0-megapixel rear camera offered by Neo for photography comes with LED flash as well as auto-focus. The phone also offers a 0.3 MP VGA front facing secondary camera that is suitable for video chats. Galaxy Grand Duos on the other hand offers only a 2-megapixel front camera. However, 8-megapixel rear camera with 1080p video recording in Duos is a feature that Neo’s product design team missed.

With some power packed features, the two stars that continue to shine in the Samsung’s galaxy of mobile phones are Grand Neo and Grand Duos. Compare the features and specifications as listed above and choose the one that twinkles the brightest in your eyes!

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