If you are looking to buy a media streamer in modern day, chances are quite high that you will end up with Chromecast, Roku or Apple TV.

The mention of the three media streaming devices in the same line is, perhaps, reason enough for you to slip further into a dilemma. Your confusion is justified. The set top boxes are the best rated devices in their category.

The dilemma is further worsened by the fact that you may find some service options on one device and miss them on the other. However, a close look at the nature and functionalities of these devices points to the fact that there are, indeed, subtle but significant differences that can help you make up your mind on which one you wish to opt for.

Free Up Your Mind, Observe the Subtle Qualities

It is important to note that Chromecast, Roku and Apple are not the only streaming devices on the market. There are many other streamers available on the open market. However, apart from their impressive service, the boxes are the only devices in the streaming category that go at prices below $100. Although Roku may be favored by a category of users and, indeed, highly rated on such forums as CNET Editors Choice, Chromecast may feature prominently and offer greater service to a certain niche in the market. Similarly, Apple TV is an equally compelling option for a good number of users. The idea behind their success is closely knit with their unique dimensions in the course of media streaming.

Why You May Find Roku a Better Choice?

Roku is, of course, the talk of town when it comes to content variety. The streamer offers over 1000 apps. Some of the popular channel choices on Roku include HBO Go, Netflix, Amazon Instant, Rdio, Amazon Cloud Player, TWC TV, Hulu Plus, PBS, Vudu and You Tube.

Roku Gives You the Latest Download Updates

Roku is arguably ahead of the game, partly because they are often the first ones to bring the latest channels on board. Roku has also managed to maintain a steady and reliable stream of updates. You can get the latest updates on your old device without much haggling. Yet the other streamers have their share of capabilities too.

Download Your Apps from Your Smartphone to Chromecast TV

Chromecast is touted, mainly, because of its low end pricing. The fact that it is a Google product also plays a role in its popularity. In fact Chromecast is the most affordable of the three devices. It only costs $35. It is also more versatile when it comes to the use of native apps on your Tablet or Smartphone. You can easily use it to push content from your other devices to the streaming box.

Apple TV Has a Touch of Class

Selling at about $100, Apple TV is the highest priced of the three streaming boxes under review. Apple has maintained its market share due to the fact that it provides what the rest do not. If they do, they may do it later. Apple TV allows users to access some services which do not come with a dedicated app. One such example is Spotify. You are also allowed the freedom to move photos, music and videos in your phone’s storage.

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