The Fallout series is definitely epic and people can never have enough of it.

This video game series is loved by people all over the world and the retro futuristic setting coupled with some of the mind boggling graphics makes it one of the tantalizingly good games that everyone loves to play.

There have been different versions of this series, namely:

• Fallout 1
• Fallout 2
• Van Burren Fallout 3
• Fallout 3
• Fallout new Vegas

And finally there will be the Fallout 4 which is yet to be released.

Fallout 4 – Speculations, Rumors and More

There is huge amount of speculations and innumerable rumors surrounding this new series. Leave apart the release date, there is no confirmation regarding who is going to be the developer for this series even. Long back, the renowned Fallout fan site, ‘The Vault’ was the first to notice that Bethesda had filed for registration of trademark with OHIM. As soon as the news was disclosed, gamers got really excited because they were pretty sure that the fourth edition is likely to be out soon.

However, when Bethesda was contacted about the same, they did not comment and kept quiet. This led to some confusion, but some people were still hopeful because the company did not reject the news entirely. There is still some confusion as there is no official news or declaration of any kind. As per the latest rumors circulating in the market, Bethesda is no longer developing the Fallout 4 series as it handed over the entire task to Battle Studios which is relatively new to this field, but is a part of the renowned Zenimax studios.

It is worth adding that there are a lot of new openings that have been listed on Zenimax website and almost all openings speak of the ultimate next gen console but no names have been mentioned. Gamers are of the opinion that it reflects that the game is going to be Fallout 4 and this is why there is such a huge hype to hire some of the best people and hone their talents and skills so that Fallout 4 can manage to be the ultimate revolution that people might have never thought of before.

It’s Time to Wait

Those die hard gamers, who are hoping to play the Fallout 4 edition shortly, will have to wait. No doubt, it is going to take some time before the big game finally launches. One would expect the rumors to die down as there is huge ambiguity and vagueness surrounding the topic. However, such is the mad craze for the game that one can find endless number of people searching for even the slightest news and buzz regarding this game.

The Fallout 4 might take time to be released, but whenever it happens; it is likely to take the world by storm because people just can’t have enough of the game. Until we get our hands on Fallout 4, we need to be contented playing the Vegas edition or even the Fallout 3 edition. The Fallout 3 series seems to be pretty decent too.

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