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Free Calling Apps on Wi-Fi Systems – Best Apps Available for Free Download

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Free calling apps revolve around Wi-Fi calling apps.

The need for such an option of communication is triggered by the necessity to keep in touch with family and friends in distant places while keeping your calling costs as low as possible.

Your Options for the Best Free Calling Apps

The free calling apps on the Wi-Fi system have attracted a significant amount of competition. Although you need to keep in touch with whoever is on the other side, you also want to have a quality discourse. Companies offering free calling services on the internet have differed in the manner they present their services. While some companies only specialize in voice data services, others afford you the luxury of voice, video and even photo exchange. Some of them go further to facilitate conference calling. Inevitably, your choice of free calling app will be determined by what the service offers and its quality. Some common apps that offer free voice call service are described below.

Google Voice

The app works well on phones and tablets. You can synchronize your messages, voice mail, missed dials, plus your contacts across the spectrum. The app allows you to maintain the same phone contact irrespective of the device you are using. Effectively, therefore, the app enables you to communicate using any gadget with a Wi-Fi enabled connection. Some of the attractive services you get from Google voice include free text, voice calling and voice mail.


Fring is a viable alternative for free voice calling on the internet.

It is touted as an efficient app especially when calling other Fring users across the internet globe. The calls are free and come with unrivalled clarity. It is entirely free, even when you are on video or sending messages. The app also allows you to call receivers outside the Fring community at a subsidized cost. For instance you can call landlines via the FringOut option at a cheaper rate than you would by other means. One of the extra services you can enjoy by subscribing to Fring includes group calls of up to four people.

Fring is seen as a valid alternative for those who wish to take a break from Skype or just do not want to use it altogether. It is best used as a Skype alternative on tablets and phones with front facing cameras. The quality of service that the app offers has been improving since its launch. More recent users have acknowledged its voice and video clarity during calls. It is also remarkably fast.

Skype Downloads

Skype is indeed a household name when it comes to free calling apps that use Wi-Fi systems. Skype also launched apps for Android which consequently attracted over a hundred million users. The Android version works as well as the desktop one. It allows for voice calls, video and the IMS which have been found to work just as well on Android devices. The Skype users on Android devices can smile ever more broadly because the app is offering landscape mode on all video calls.