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Gmail Free Download – The Features That Make It Stand Out from Other Email Clients


Gmail is one of the top email platforms that comes loaded with plenty of different features for its users.

There are a lot of other free email platforms that one can use and the choice is always yours to make. If you are looking to find an email platform that is robust, secure and will come in handy for the sake of sending emails, you can always fall back on Gmail.

What Makes Gmail A Good Choice?

If you look at the number of users who rely on Gmail, you will find that the number is whopping and huge. Even some of the top notch corporate companies have been falling back on Gmail for sharing files that are confidential and pertaining to their business.

Given that business mails are also exchanged over the Gmail platform, it infers that the platform definitely offers commendable level of security. The default security offered by the platform isn’t bad, but if you want to be doubly sure, you can always turn on the two-step secure authentication process. When the two step process is used, you can be almost sure that no hacker will be able to intrude your emails, unless they share your mobile number as well.

Ample Space for Storage

If you do not have ample storage space in your Gmail account, it is going to add to your woes. When you are using an email platform, you are not likely to delete emails for the simple reason that emails often serve as documentation and proof of a conversation.

If you do not have the right amount of storage space, you will find yourself scraping for more space and this is a serious trouble. However, when you fall back on Gmail, you are not likely to be troubled with storage space. Gmail offers you whopping 15 GB of storage. You are not likely to need additional space after that. However, if you tend to share heavy files all the times, you can always use additional space in Google drive. Images can also be shared privately and with specific people with the use of Picasa web albums as well and this is going to multiply the available space tremendously.

Easy Integration with Google Plus

Google plus is slowly becoming one of the important social platforms because of the extensive use of Google. If you have a business frame of mind, you need to have a sound Google plus profile as it is critical for the sake of boosting your ranks. Once again, it is Gmail that allows easier integration with Google plus and you can make the most out of it. Not only this, Google Hangout also offers some of the best features for the sake of making communication a lot easier than we ever thought. These are some of the endless reasons that have contributed to the growing popularity of Gmail platform. If you are not willing to choose a paid domain for the sake of handling your emails, Gmail is definitely a safe choice because you are going to enjoy the best features.