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Halo 5 – Rumors All Around But Release Date Unsure

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Halo is perhaps one of the most renowned gaming franchises that are hugely popular among the masses.

Their gaming series turned out to be a blockbuster hit as there is no count of the number of people who stay awake late in night merely to play the game and relish their time.

The Game Plot

The game plot is extremely engaging as the entire plot revolves around the need to put up a fight. A massive combat is unleashed between humans and aliens and the game will keep you on the edge of your seats till the very end. There are tantalizing movements and the adrenaline keeps pumping all the time.

When Will Halo 5 Be Released?

If you are really looking forward to get hold of Halo 5, you need to wait. There is no official confirmation whatsoever regarding when the game will be launched. It is still not sure if the game will be released by the end of 2014 and thus gamers may have to wait for a really long time before they can get their hands on what is quickly turning out to be one of the most hyped releases.

The kind of tremendous popularity that Halo series enjoys is known to one and all. There is no doubt about the fact that the teasers and videos that were released which spoke about Halo 5 fuelled the excitement of gamers even more. Every time, a teaser is released, people go crazy and start their endless discussion about this new series.

If you are really looking for a concrete update, it pays to know that Microsoft VP, Spencer told that gamers have to wait to hear one of the big announcements in the E3 gaming expo to be held in Vegas. No doubt, reporters have easily come to the conclusion that the hint was directed towards Halo 5 because it is in these huge meets that one gets some really big and concrete news as they act like befitting platforms to land some meaningful power punches.

Possible Release Times

While there is no official confirmation, there are reports circulating that Halo 5 might feature in the November’s Xbox One exclusively. However, if that has to happen, we would have some concrete updates by the middle of the year. Not only this, the official magazine of Xbox also featured a cover story that stated that Halo 5 will come out this year. However, once again there is no official news and whether you choose to rely on a story featured in a magazine is entirely your own call.

Regardless of when Halo 5 is released, one thing is sure that when this game finally releases, there are going to be a lot of gamers who would desperately want to play it. Halo 5 seems to be bagging a lot of limelight even before it has been officially launched. No doubt, the company knows the right way to market and Halo 5 seems all set to once again steal the show, whenever it is released.