Gone are the days of 7 inch or 8 inch screens. Apple’s iPad Air and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 are both close to 10 inches and are absolutely driving the crowds crazy.

The perpetual rivalry between the two technology giants makes people constantly wonder which of the two would come out on top, in terms of user reviews and popularity. Here’s how the two compare.

First Look

A lot of technology gurus would say that iPad Air and Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 cannot really be compared. This is because iPad Air is the finest presentation from Apple, while Galaxy Tab 3 seems a little defenseless without the S pen stylus. To top it up, while Apple has amped up the specs for Apple Air, to make it a better and more niche product, Tab 3’s spec sheet looks generic and rather unimpressive. Samsung’s advantage is that it comes at a cheaper price and therefore would be more welcomed in the markets where price is a major consideration at the time of purchase.


The iPad Air is a premium product and the design shows that. The high quality aluminum shell, the two color variations, and the remarkable compactness of this device speaks volume about the thought put into its design. iPad Air is much lighter than all its previous versions and the 9.7 inch display is stunning with the latest Retina Display technology. The handling is much better and the physical keys are elegant. On the other hand, the Galaxy Tab 3 doesn’t offer anything new or interested with regards to its appearance. Its mid range appearance makes it look very generic when compared with the iPad Air. The physical keys are not very well made and though the display is slightly larger than iPad Air, at 10.1 inches, the design makes it look bulky and unbecoming.


Apple’s 9.7 inches display has the upper hand on Samsung’s 10.1 inches. The display is much better calibrated in Apple, making it stand out clearly. The iPad Air sports A7 64-bit SoC, 1 GB RAM, a 1.4 GHz dual-core Cyclone CPU and a GPU of PowerVR G6430, with a 5 mp camera which is able to take 1080p videos. The Tab 3, meanwhile, offers a 1.6 GHz dual-core Intel Atom processor, with 1 GB RAM with a 3 mp camera able to take 720p videos. Though its display specs are not as good as iPad Air, the Tab 3 makes for much more pleasant viewing experience. Its speakers are positioned on the opposite sides so the sound quality is also much better. iPad Air comes in 16, 32 and 64 GB variations, while Tab 3 is available in 16 and 32 variants. However, Tab 3 has an additional micro SD card slot, which is missing from iPad Air. The iPad offers Apple’s latest iOS 7 interface, with Safari as its browser. Tab 3 has Google’s TouchWiz Android with a lot of new widgets. It also sports Google’s Chrome browser and Samsung’s own browser as well. Browsing is quick on both iPad Air and Tab 3.

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