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Download Angry Birds Free and Let These Important Lessons Guide You


If you have played Angry Birds at least once in your life, then it can be said that your patience has been tested.

Whether you were able to pass the patience test, or grew very annoyed that you threw your device at the wall, you cannot deny the fact that Angry Birds Free is here to stay and millions of people have been tested by it. If you’ve played the game before then you’re not new as to why it was able to enthrall so many people. Angry Birds Free is fun, addictive, and yes, sometimes annoying as well.

Gameplay of Angry Birds Free

If you never come across the game before and don’t know what it’s about, Angry Birds Free is a free app that involves birds in different colors and green mean tempered pigs. The pigs aggravate the birds that led to them being hunted by the feathered creatures. You will launch the birds at the pigs using a slingshot. The pigs, for their protection, are hiding in different kinds of obstacles. You need to hit the pigs to advance to the next level.

What You Need in the Game

It may sound simple enough, but Angry Birds Free is branded as the game that will test your patience for a reason. The gameplay may be simple, but once you have started playing, you will realize that it’s actually the opposite of simple. Physics, patience, ability to aim well, and more patience are needed to play the game. If you lack at least one of them then you’re doomed, literally, because it’s impossible to finish the game without these qualifications.

Life Lessons

The thing is, no matter how many times you’ve probably said to yourself that you’ve had enough, and that’s it, your deleting the app from your phone, you always end up playing another 100 times. It’s just impossible to quit Angry Birds Free, and without realizing it, the game has taught us more life lessons than we’re taught at school.

Try, and Don’t Give Up

If you didn’t get the job done right the first time, it is okay to sulk for a while, but make sure to stand up after that. Never giving up is one important lesson Angry Birds Free has taught us. If you tried knocking down the obstacles without managing to hit your target, and do it over and over again, then you have already mastered this important lesson. Never give up until you reached what it is you’re trying to achieve.

Patience Makes You a Winner

In Angry Birds Free and in our lives, there are things that we wanted so bad to happen, but life doesn’t always hand it out to us without our own efforts. We may fail sometimes, a lot for some of us, but it doesn’t give you the right to be angry at the world. You may not get it right this time, but when the perfect time comes along with your perseverance, you’ll finally win, in the game and in life.