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Google Talk Makes Way for Google Hangouts – Time for Free Download and Real Fun


Google talk is no longer available as it has been substituted by Google Hangouts.

Google talk was once a popular messaging app and was used extensively for the sake of chatting and staying connected. While there weren’t any major problems with the use of Google talk, but Google wanted to revamp the overall look, functionality and use of the app and thus Google talk was eventually replaced by Google hangouts.

Was Google Talk Popular?

There is absolutely no point in questioning the popularity that Google talk enjoyed. It was by far one of the most used and extensively popular app. All those who opted for the Gmail platform for the sake of sending and receiving emails always used Google talk for the sake of instant communication.

While emails are more formal, it is Google talk that allowed users to have an informal conversation and it was easier to chat and reply as well.

There were no performance errors and it did come with its own set of features and facilities. You could update your status message and choose from the different availability options ranging from available to invisible, busy and offline.

Why Was Google Talk Changed to Google Hangout?

A lot of people questioned as to why was there a need to upgrade to hangouts when Google talk was already enjoying popularity. The reason is simple. Change is the only constant thing. People thrive on change. Regardless of how efficient an interface is people are likely to get bored with it. One of the key ingredients of any successful application is constant change as it is one of the perfect ways of keeping people interested.

The Google authorities knew well that in order to keep the popularity of the app soaring, they had to bring in some kind of changes and this is why Google talk was turned to Google hangouts.

Further, there was a new level of competition that started coming up. There were innumerable social mobile apps that were launched and almost each of them had something new to offer. Google talk would have lost in the competition and thus there was a need to bring in something drastic to ensure that it did not end up losing out in this rat race.

The basic overlay and the framework haven’t changed much. Surely, there are visible improvements in the user interface and some additional features have been incorporated. If you are one among those, who still prefers Google talk to hangout, you have the option of reverting back to the old layout in your Gmail account. However, when it comes to the app store, you will only find Google hangouts in the store.

There are hardly any people who prefer Google talk to hangouts, but if you find the need, you can make the change right in your chat box itself. If you haven’t used hangouts yet, you can upgrade the chat once and enjoy the new look and additional features. There is absolutely no harm in trying the different options once, before you pass your final verdict.