Buying a smartphone is no more an easy task.

The wide variety of smartphones available at any given price point can leave a consumer confused. A simple place to start is to fix your budget and make a list of must-have features as well as good-to-have features in your ideal smartphone companion. Understand the specifications of the latest offerings at your desired price point and compare it with your requirement list. Finally, pick the phone that offers the closest match to your list.

For those who are looking at buying an entry level Android smartphone, consider the two latest offerings in the Samsung mid-range lineage of smartphones -Samsung Galaxy Core Advance and Samsung Galaxy Grand Neo. Here is a brief comparison between the two phones that can help you pick the one that suits you best.

Look and Feel

Grand Neo being a dual SIM smartphone is a bulkier offering. Its 5-inch screen similar to the smaller 4.7-inch screen of Galaxy Core, sports a TFT screen with 480x800p display. This screen provides an intelligent and crisp picture quality. With a smaller screen, Core offers its users a higher pixel density and hence a sharper picture quality. Galaxy Core Advance provides a half-hearted solace to the users who prefer to use keys to a touchpad. The phone’s body has some keys that can help the user minimize the use of touchpad.

The Brainware

A quad-core processor that runs with an average clock speed of 1.2GHz powers Grand Neo. Galaxy Core on the other hand powers up with a 1.2GHz dual-core processor. Both Neo and Core Advance run on the upgraded Jelly Bean Android platform along with 1 GB RAM. Neo scores over Galaxy Core in terms of memory storage. This may be an important concern for those who like to download various apps and media files on their smartphones. Core only offers an internal memory capacity of 8 GB in comparison to 16 GB offered by Neo. However, both smartphones allow for expandable memory up to 64 GB.

Extra is Good to Have

Neo and Core both offer FM Radio to its users. However, there may not be many takers for this option as there are several other music apps available in these android powered phones. The cameras in phones have similar specifications. Their 5MP rear camera is available with LED flash and Auto-Focus enhancements. The secondary camera in both Neo and Core is a VGA 0.3MP that offers very basic features suitable for video chats. The Core Advance is available with a 2000-mAh lithium battery, which has a lower runtime than the 2100-mAh battery capacity placed in Neo.

The above comparison clearly points out that both these entry level phones by Samsung offer a fair value to the customer at the given price point. For those looking at a dual SIM option, Neo is an obvious choice. However, if one wants to use the entry-level phone for video streaming and storing rich media content, Galaxy Core offers a better value. So choose your smartphone wisely as it is going to be your companion for many months!

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