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Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 – Specs and Price Comparison


The galaxy series is perhaps one of the most popular one as far as tablets are concerned.

There has been a lot of comparison between Samsung galaxy Tab 2 and galaxy Tab 3. Both these models have often been compared as they do come with some comparable features. The final trade off will ultimately boil down between specs and price. Let us go through the details and help you make the right choice.

The Similarities

When it comes to the overall look and feel of the tablets, there isn’t a huge difference. Both Samsung galaxy Tab 2 and Tab 3 both come with a screen size of 7 inches. There was a separate model of Tab 3 launched, which was 10 inches and you also have a Tab 2 of nearly the same dimensions too. The pixel density is same for both the models and it stands at 170 pixels per inch which is definitely not bad by any means.

When it comes down to the camera as well, the features are nearly the same as there isn’t any vast difference. Galaxy Tab 2 comes with a standard 3.0 megapixels camera and so does Tab 3. However, the secondary camera has seen an improvement in Tab 3. While Tab 2 had a standard VGA camera, the Samsung galaxy Tab 3 upgraded the secondary camera to 1.2 megapixels and this is quite an improvement.

Even when it comes down to the battery performance, there are no changes and you can find that both the models have comparable battery rating of 4000 mAh.

Are There Any Significant Differences?

The prices are different as the Samsung galaxy Tab 3 is priced slightly higher. In the Indian market, the price difference between the two models stands at 3,000 INR which isn’t really huge. Definitely, there are a few changes that make Tab 3 a smarter choice.

While Tab 2 runs on android OS version 4.1, the Tab 3 runs on version 4.2. Even the processor has seen an improvement. While the Tab 2 runs on dual core processor with 1 GHz capacity, Tab 3 has a slight better configuration with a 1.2 GHz processor and this allows a little faster operation.

There are reports that state the graphics of Tab 3 is remarkably better than Tab 2 and if you are a die hard gamer and very particular about graphics display, you are going to choose Tab 3 over Tab 2 on any day.

Given that there isn’t a huge difference in price in both these models, it seems like the better thing to do is to opt for galaxy Tab 3 because even though the changes aren’t hugely remarkable or drastic, it does infer that you are going to enjoy this tablet. Tab 2 is priced at nearly 15K INR while Tab 3 is priced in the vicinity of 18K INR.

There are other choices that you can find in the market too; however, if you are looking to settle with a Samsung Tab, both Galaxy 2 and Galaxy 3 seem to offer a good choice. You can also check out the specs of the 10 inches model of these tabs.