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Skype – The Enhanced Chat Experience on a Free Download


Mobile technology is ever changing. Mobile apps, therefore, have to keep pace with it.

As mobiles become faster, better and more innovative, their apps also become more competitive and loaded with better features. Skype, being among the oldest communication apps, understands this scenario and keeps updating its features to add more technical goodies to its kitty. Skype has recently launched a slew of technical improvements to allow more people to access it on their smartphones. Here are some of the enhancements to Skype’s chat experience.

Improved Chat Sync

For those users who found it difficult to keep their messages in sync between their smartphones and their computers, there is good news. Skype now supports better syncing on multiple devices. You will now not miss out on messages and the read messages on one device will not be shown as unread on another. Whether you use your Skype account on one device, or multiple devices, now your user experience will be glitch free on all of them.

Push Notifications

Many users had problems with push notifications on their smartphones. However, with the new and improved Skype experience, now you can get push notifications as soon as you get a new message on your Skype chat. Since your account will now be better synced along all enabled devices, you will get notifications on all of them instead of on only a few. Scrolling and viewing of messages is also much simpler across devices.

Get Delivery Reports

Earlier, the Skype app did not report if a message went undelivered to the other user. This often led to communication lags and problems. With the new improvements, you can rest assured that your friends will be able to view your messages even if they are offline. As soon as they get online, they will be able to receive the messages you left when they were offline. Once a Skype message has been read, it would be shown as ‘read’ in your own chat interface so you will always know when your friends have received and read your chats.

Optimized Overall Performance

To accompany all the other changes on your Skype experience, the communications giant has also optimized the overall performance of your mobile phone. This will help you improve your battery life and both your start up and resume times. The load times and recent conversation times have also improved considerably, allowing you to chat for longer, without having to worry about draining your battery.

What Does the Future Hold?

Skype continues to better its product and the coming days will see more enhancements. Your chat experience will be much better and so the device you are using will get better notifications. They are also trying to allow your ‘favorite contacts’ list to sync across devices so that you always have access to it no matter which device you are using. Your Skype group chat experience will also experience some enhancements and improvements with more reliability and functionality across a number of Skype enabled devices.