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WhatsApp – Why is it Different from All Other Free Download Messaging Apps?


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app today, with a staggeringly high number of daily users.

People use it to send text messages, voice messages, images and video clips. Some use it for personal use, and some for business and marketing. The bottom line is, it is a favorite app that everybody uses every day. So what makes this app different from the other communication apps in its league?

WhatsApp Rode the Broadband Wave

The unveiling of WhatsApp was extremely strategic. It was introduced when the mobile broadband wave was about to peak so that by the time people became used to their smartphones, WhatsApp would be an integral part of the messaging culture. WhatsApp has been able to maintain its peak number of monthly active users. Among all other messaging apps, including Skype, WeChat, AOL, and Snapchat, WhatsApp continues to be number one.

Highest Growth of Monthly Active Users

In a survey conducted by comScore, the growth of monthly active users on WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Skype were plotted on a graph. Surprisingly, the number of monthly active users has grown radically, beating every other app. The growth has been unprecedented and it has left behind all other apps. In the first three years of its inception, WhatsApp has shown rapid addition to its rank of users, becoming the most popular app.

Wider Cross Platform Compatibility

In the battle between the various mobile phone operating systems, apps often tend to lose out. However, WhatsApp is among the few apps that is available for iOS, Android, Symbian, Windows, and Blackberry. Most messaging apps are limited only to a few devices, and so they lose out on growth in their user base. When everybody can download and use this app, it stands to become the most used.

Ad Free Interface

Another great thing about WhatsApp is that its interface is completely AD-free. WhatsApp has always had a ‘no ads’ policy and does not indulge into data mining activities. So, you get a clean interface without any soliciting or advertisements. This is unlike most free download apps that make their money through the advertisements. With WhatsApp, that is not the case. Since they never associated revenue generation with placing ads in their app, they do not have to resort to an ad riddled interface like WeChat and many others.

Everybody Has It

WhatsApp is not so popular that it is a technological faux-pas not to have it. People will simply assume that you have the app installed on your phone. So they will not ask you if you have it, but will simply ask you to use it to contact them. That is the kind of confidence and use that WhatsApp has been able to build for itself over the years. In the few years that it has been around, WhatsApp has become the most used messaging app. So much so that ‘WhatsApping’ is now a legitimate word that is quickly replacing the term ‘text messaging’ over smartphones.