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Adobe Flash Player 12 – Free Download Debacle for both Mac and Windows Users


Adobe recently declared a new version numbering for its Flash Player.

This new numbering scheme has been welcomed for both Flash Player and AIR. However, users have been finding Adobe’s new releases slightly more cumbersome than they ever did before. From security glitches to browser crashes, users have had to undergo a lot of problems with this update. Now, with Flash Player 13 Beta staring them in the face, users have had to update their Flash Players several times in the past few months.

Flash Player’s History Works against It

Though the Flash Player is one of Adobe’s most successful products, it has a dismal history. The Flash Player has been riddled with various security concerns in the past. Users have also experienced performance issues, bugs, and crashes with various versions. Unless users kept updating their Flash Player version, it kept crashing on various browsers and the browsing experience became extremely cumbersome.

The Flash Player 12 Debacle

Ideally, Flash Player 12 should have been very simple to download. However, that is not what happened. The automatic updater on your Mac or Windows interface takes you to Adobe’s website, where it was difficult to find the option of upgrading the Flash Player 11 to the new version. For the first few days, the download link did not work, and when it finally did, it caused problems in functioning of both Firefox and Internet Explorer. A ghost link that would take you back to Adobe’s website irked many a users.

What Went Wrong?

For the first few days, the developers did not figure out that they had placed a non-working link on Adobe. It was only after the issue appeared on several forums that this link was replaced with a new, working one. Omniture, a simple code within Flash Player, that allows it to track versions and suggest updates, is a critical part of Adobe’s offerings. In this version of Adobe’s Flash Player, Omniture conflicted with multiple plugins. For users who had turned off advertising and cookie tracking, the Flash update simply refused to install.

The Verdict

Flash Player 12, with all its enhancements and improvements, caused disappointment worldwide. The simplest reason for this disappointment was that you had to be an absolute gadget whiz to be able to run your software properly. Everyone who uses a computer uses Flash Player to view web content and flash videos, and yet the software is technically difficult to install. Troubleshooting information is also sketchy, often leaving users frustrated. If you do not install the update, Adobe will keep prompting you till you give up and begin your struggle all over again. For the ‘download now’ option to work, you have to change a lot of settings and a lot of people are simply not savvy enough to understand what they need to do for their Flash update to start working. This can be really frustrating. Also, while you struggle with the update, your browsers will refuse to play Flash videos normally.