The weekend became an exciting one for Minecraft PS3 because the developers of the game 4J Studios announced that they are busy working on an upcoming texture pack.

Some screenshots released last month revealed that a city texture pack and others are under progress. The news was made official by the developing team which took to their Twitter page as usual to reveal that they are closely working with Sony and Mojang.

Earlier, speaking to the community the development team revealed that even if they get title update 14 and other features ready, they won’t be able to release it unless the publisher approves it. Sony has a strict process when it comes to certificate testing which will ensure all future updates are compatible with their gaming platform. They made it clear again with the latest tweet that they are working with Sony to ensure the upcoming texture pack gets approved through their process and released on time. It already got released on other console which confirms that Playstation will get it very soon.

City Texture Pack

At the moment, 4J Studios is yet to have a clear answer on the release date. They clarified in their Twitter that it cannot be an individual decision but rather needs consent from Sony and Mojang. The type of texture pack and skin pack that Minecraft PS3 edition will receive is still under wraps. Even though, they addressed fan community and confirmed that they are working on something, there is no official news.

Chances are high that they could be the touted city texture pack that players are waiting for because it got released on Xbox 360 on the same day. It allows players to build city based elements and buildings such as ships, offices, large skyscrapers among many others. The company in their teaser images released on a blog showed some of the buildings players will be able to build but they also clarified that they are not pre-built maps. There are no plans to release those separately because the purpose of those buildings are mainly to show the level of freedom offered by the city texture pack.

Sony and Majong Approval Required

The pack once released will be available for download on the playstation network. Eager fans want to know when the release date for skin and texture packs are scheduled. 4J Studios don’t have a date and they just said that these updates for the Minecraft PS3 will happen in time. They will be able to provide news only when they can and get confirmed from other teams. It includes an approval from Sony as well as their publisher Mojang. The future Dundee waterfront was the one that inspired the city pack in the first place and it is now becoming an official pack on the platform. Some were wondering whether working on such packs will delay the title update 14 but it was confirmed by the team that they hardly have any work on these stuff. This will keep the player community busy until the actual update is ready for release.

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